Demonstration of pearl millet technology

Demonstration of pearl millet technology at Raya kobo and Gubalafto districts, North wollo zone

Negussie Siyum1*, Tewabe Mihret, Dessalegn Getu and Mekonnen Assefa

Sirinka agricultural research center, Woldiya 74, Ethiopia     


American Journal of Biotechnology and Bioscience

Pearl millet [Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R.Br.] locally known as “Bajra” is a nutritious course grain cereal. Globally, it is grown on an area of 34.6 million ha with annual production of 28.8 million tons. Demonstration of improved variety kola 1 was conducted in 2016/17 cropping season at Gubalafto and Raya kobo districts to create demand on the pearl millet technology to farmers and development agents and thereby to assess their reactions towards the introduced technology. It was conducted on two FTC’s from kobo and Gubalafto districts. Though all agronomic practices were employed equally at both locations the performance of the variety varies significantly. The variety Kola 1 gave mean grain yield of 3.2 ton/ha and 1.8 ton/ha at Kobo and Hara respectively. The study indicated that cultivating pearl millet in moisture deficit areas can be an alternative for sustaining food security. Farmers have shown great interest and promised to adopt the technology from their neighbor farmers. Therefore technology promotions and popularization on the study and similar agro ecological areas should be carried out in collaboration with stake holders.

Keywords: Raya kobo, Gubalafto, Kola 1, Pearl millet, Demonstration

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