Teacher’s views on students’ cognitive modelling competencies

Teacher’s Views Regarding the Development of Students’ Cognitive Modelling Competencies and Modelling Implementation Process


1 Dr, Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, TURKEY
2Assoc. Prof. Dr., Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, TURKEY

American Journal of Educational Research and Reviews

The purpose of the study is to reveal a mathematics teacher’s views regarding the development of 6th grade students’ cognitive modelling competencies and modelling implementation process. She conducted a long-term modelling sequences aiming at the competency development and was interviewed after the implementation process. Her answers were analyzed by using content analysis and the views were gathered under some themes and codes. It was seen that the views were shaped under seven themes as providing the development of each modelling competency, development of cognitive modelling competencies, factors contributing the development of cognitive modelling competencies, factors preventing the development of cognitive modelling competencies, implementation process, future implementations and factors required to be fixed in the implementation process. Some strategies supporting the development of the cognitive modelling competencies were appeared from her statements. She also indicated her general thoughts about the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation process. It is suggested for further studies to utilize the factors and strategies revealed in the study for planning modelling implementations.

Keywords: Cognitive modelling competency, mathematics teacher, modelling sequence, teacher view

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