Heamatologic indices and anti-spermatogenic effects of carica papaya seeds

Heamatologic Indices and Anti-Spermatogenic Effects of Dietary Supplemented Carica papaya seeds on Wister Rats

Ibeh Nnanna Isaiah1 ( BMLS, AMLSCN, MGHT),  Unuabonah Uyi Ibhoje2 ( BSC,MSc) 
*1University of Benin Health Services Department, University of Benin PMB 1154
2University of Ibadan, Faculty of Life Science, Department of Microbiology

American Journal of Microbiology and Immunology

The continuous usage of indegienious plants as an intervention tool for diseases that affect both humans and animals is as old as orthodox medicine in its self in this study we evaluated the overall effect of carica papaya seeds extract on wister rats to determine its heamatoligic stimulatory effect and the anti-spermatic effect. A total of eighty rats where orally administered the various doses of the extract over a period of time and the heamatoligic and spermatologic parameters where analyzed. From the results obtained there was a slight stimulatory effects as the total white blood cell increased according to the varying doses of 100mg and 200mg respectively (6.56±0.38 and 6.96±0.10) with mean packed cell volume of 38.0±0.84 and 37.4±1.03 also noticeable is the slight rise in the Lymphocytes from the control group to the varying doses of exposure 70±2.06 and 68.6±1.12, the total Sperm cell count across the varying doses where 11.6×106 +0.5cells/mm3 and 11.3×106 +0.5cells/mm3 respectively. The above showed a a little marked increase the heamatologic parameters there was a slight increase in the lymphocyte although there was a marked decrease of sperm cell count from the control down the doses of exposure.

Keywords: Heamatologic, Anti-spermatogenic, Lymphocyte, White blood cell

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