Behavior of improved varieties and creoles of rice at the Baixada Maranhense

Behavior of improved varieties and creoles of rice (Oryza sativa L.) at the Baixada Maranhense

Ivaneide de Oliveira Nascimento1*, Antônia Alice Costa Rodrigues1, Raimunda Nonata Santos de Lemos1, Maria Rosangela Malheiros Silva1, Francisco de Assis dos Santos Diniz1, Leonardo de Jesus Machado Gois de Oliveira1 and Erlen Keila Cândido e Silva1 
1 Post-Graduation Program of Agroecology, Maranhão State of University, Campus São Luís, São Luís, Maranhão State, Brazil.

American Journal of Agricultural Research

This study aimed to evaluate the performance of the different varieties of creole and improved seeds of rice regarding the productive aspects and disease resistance in the experimental field of the Farm School of São Benedito and in area of farmer in Arari -MA. It was used improved seeds of rice (Primavera, Emeralds, Sertaneja, BR Irga 420, Serra Dourada, Arariba), and creoles (Palha Murcha, Rice Vermelho and Come Cru), which constituted the treatments in a randomized block design with four replications, plots of 10 m2 useful area of 2.70 m2. In the aspect of grain yield, the creole varieties Palha Murcha and Rice Vermelho presented respectively mean grain yield (x= 1.472 kg ha-1; x=1.374 kg ha-1), within the average expected for Maranhão and equal to the variety improved Arariba, in the municipality of Arari. In São Bento, the varieties Palha Murcha, BR Irga 420, Arariba, Sertaneja, Esmeralda and Primavera produced above average (1.580 kg ha-1) for Maranhão. As for the resistance to diseases, all varieties were moderately resistant to diseases brown spot and Grains spots. The varieties Primavera, Esmeralda, Sertaneja, BR Irga 420, Serra Dourada, Arariba and Palha Murcha had a high susceptibility to leaf scald in São Bento. There was incidence of narrow spot at the improved varieties Arariba and Br Irga 420, with behavior moderately resistant, the other varieties were resistant to this disease in Arari. Therefore, the rescue of creole seeds is important and enables the development of agro agriculture.

Keywords: Varieties of rice; productive performance; resistance to disease.

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