Adsorption Kinects and Isotherms for Removal of Rhodamine B

Adsorption Kinects and Isotherms for Removal of Rhodamine B (dye) using Adsorbents prepared from drinking water treatment sludge

 M.Nageeb Rashed*1, M.A.El-Daim El Taher1, S. M. M. Fadlalla2

1.Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Aswan University, Egypt
2. Aswan Company for Water and Wastewater, Aswan, Egypt

The present work aims to investigate the removal of Rhodamine B dye (RB) from aqueous solution by using adsorbents prepared from alum sludge (AS) and Mud sludge (MS) of drinking water treatment plant. The effect of dye concentration, contact time, pH, temperature and adsorbent dose on the dye removal was studied. The equilibrium adsorption data of RB dye on the developed adsorbents were analyzed by the Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin and Dubinin-Radushkevich (D-R) Isotherms. The sorption data fitted well to Langmuir isotherm model. The maximum dye removal efficiency was observed at pH 7, contact time 90 min,and 0.1-0.25 gm dosage for both (AS) and (MS) adsorbents . Also, four kinetic models such as Pseudo-first order, Pseudo-second order, Intraparticle diffusion and Elovich models were tested to interpret the experimental data. The kinetic experimental data were fitted well to Pseudo-second order model.The thermodynamics parameters of adsorption system indicated spontaneous and endothermic process. Results indicate the effectiveness of the developed adsorbents for removing RB dye.

Keywords:  sweage sludge, Rhodamine B, adsorption, pollution, wastewater.

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