Evaluation of some sugar beet varieties under different irrigation intervals

Evaluation of some sugar beet varieties under different irrigation intervals

Abdelaty,M.D1, Elshafay,A.m2 and Abu-Hussien,El.Kh3

1, 3: Faculty of Agriculture, Kafr Elshiekh University.
2: Sugars crops research institute, agriculture research center.

The present study was conducted in at the experimental farm of the Sakha Agriculture Research Station, Kafr Elsheikh, Egypt during two growth seasons, 2015/16 and 2016/17 using split plot design to evaluate five of sugar beet varieties (Gloria, Toro, Almaz, Betamax and Demapoly) under different irrigation regimes (4 ,6 and 8 irrigations) in north delta. The treatments significantly affected on different characters, irrigation the plants six irrigations were superior than other ones in root length, root diameter, root weight , root yield and sucrose % values. On the other side, Betamax variety was the best for studied characters compared with other varieties.

Keywords: sugar beet varieties, different irrigation intervals

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