Kinetics of Acidic Mn(VII) Oxidation of Acetaldehyde in Aqueous and 5% Ethanol-Water Solvents

Kinetics of Acidic Mn(VII) Oxidation of Acetaldehyde in Aqueous and 5% Ethanol-Water Solvents

1*Latona Dayo Felix, 2Adejoro Ajibade
1*Department of Chemical Sciences, Osun State University, PMB 4494 Osogbo, Nigeria.
2Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

American journal of chemical research-2d-codeKinetics of acidic Mn(VII) oxidation of acetaldehyde in aqueous and 5% ethanol-water solvents were studied via pseudo-first order condition at λmax 525nm. The reaction showed a first order dependence with respect to acetaldehyde concentration, [Mn(VII)], fractional order to [H+] and independent on the ionic strength of the solution. Michaelis-Menten plot showed the existence of an intermediate complex and dependence on hydrogen ion is in the form kobs= a + b[H+]. However, oxidation reaction is generally faster in non-aqueous solvent than in aqueous solvent. Product analysis revealed the presence of carboxylic acid and stoichiometric study suggests the consumption of 2 moles of MnO4- by 3 moles of acetaldehyde in both solvents. Thermodynamic parameters of activation were obtained from Arrhenius and Erying’s equations. A plausible associative mechanism in agreement with kinetic and spectroscopic results was proposed.

Keywords: Potassium permanganate, Acetaldehyde(A), Hydrated acetaldehyde(HA), sulphuric acid, potassium nitrate, Ionic strength(I) and activation parameters.

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Latona Dayo Felix, Adejoro Ajibade. Kinetics of Acidic Mn(VII) Oxidation of Acetaldehyde in Aqueous and 5% Ethanol-Water Solvents. American Journal of Chemical Research, 2018, 2:6. DOI: 10.28933/ajcr-2018-03-1801

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