Synthesis, Characterization and catalytic activity of Palladium-Based Metallodendrimer with Triazine

Synthesis, Characterization and catalytic activity of Palladium-Based Metallodendrimer with Triazine

Md. Sayedul Islam1* and Md. Wahab Khan2

1,2Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

American journal of chemical research-2d-code

A novel Pd-based metallodendrimer has been directly prepared by the reaction of substituted triazine with substituted benzoyl chloride in good yields using (Ph3P)2PdCl2 and DMF at 70 oC. This procedure avoids the use of high temperature and severe reaction conditions. The surface morphology like as entangled nanofibers from SEM image and the presence of Palladium ions of the compound from EDX analysis were obtained in addition TG and DSC showed the good thermal stability of the compound. This white solid compound was found to be an effective homogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of ynones in where the synthetic route was copper and phosphine ligand-free.

Keywords: Triazine, substituted benzoyl chloride, Ynones, Dendrimers, Metallodendrimers.

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Md. Sayedul Islam and Md. Wahab Khan. Synthesis, Characterization and catalytic activity of Palladium-Based Metallodendrimer with Triazine. American Journal of Chemical Research, 2019,3:12. DOI: 10.28933/ajcr-2019-04-0607


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