Secondary Education in Ethiopia: A Comprehensive Summary

Secondary Education in Ethiopia: A Comprehensive Summary

Addis Tsegaye Zegeye

Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies, College of Education & Behavioral Sciences, Bahir Dar University

Open Journal of Language and Linguistics

The article presents clear picture of the secondary school curriculum of Ethiopia from its planning to its implementation and the different problems faced during implementation by suggesting the solution so as to bring an all rounded development of students. Besides this it also indicated important points /recommendations for developers as well as practitioners of the curriculum. So it is advisable to take the comments in to consideration and revise and implement the revised curriculum as suggested by the authors.

Keywords: Secondary Education, Ethiopia: A Comprehensive Summary

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Addis Tsegaye Zegeye. Secondary Education in Ethiopia: A Comprehensive Summary. American Journal of Design, 2019; 1:3.


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