The accordance of British diplomacy with US diplomacy for Kosovo during 1998

The accordance of British diplomacy with US diplomacy for Kosovo during 1998

Lulzim Nika

Mr. Sc. Lulzim Nika, PhD candidate, History Department, University of Prishtina

American Journal of History and Culture

The decisive role in stopping the bloody conflict in the areas of former Yugoslavia was the joint British and American diplomacy efforts.
The decision of international diplomacy, that the Albanians are not participants, the protagonists of their fate at the Dayton Conference, empowered the feeling and projects of Serbian nationalism, whereas the Albanians were disappointed with this decision. In these circumstances KLA activity began to be supported by Albanian population and bloody conflict started to expand in Kosovo as well. British and American diplomats were determined to support and vote resolutions of the Security Council on the condemnation of the violence in Kosovo made by all parties in the conflict. Resolutions for Kosovo were decisive in legitimizing international engagement in resolving the conflict in Kosovo and establishing peace in the Balkans.

Keywords: American, British, Dayton, Diplomacy, Kosovo, Resolution

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