Teddys hospital: action by an educational multiprofissional team

Teddy’s hospital: action by an educational multiprofissional team

Cavalcanti, H.G.O¹, Silva, B.C.V², Mendez, L.G.C³, Santos, J.H.C4

¹,²,³Acadêmica do Curso de Enfermagem–FENSG/UPE; 4Acadêmico do Curso de Medicina–FCM/UPE

American Journal of Law and Legal Studies

Introduction: The “Teddy Bear-Ursinho Hospital” campaign is an educational action that provides the children’s contact with the reality of the work of health professionals, with the intention of showing them that the hospital is an environment of care and welcome without need to be afraid. Objectives: To provide children with a more pleasant hospital environment with a differentiated professional-patient relationship. Methodology: The Bear Teddy Bear Hospital (TBHU) was made in the campaign format, with the Citizen Municipal School Herbert de Souza in the premises of the Higher School of Physical Education (ESEF) of the University of Pernambuco, the chosen place to carry out the action. Results and Discussion: The project was divided in two moments, with the initial process of involvement and preparation of the volunteers, carried out a campaign among university scholars to receive donations of plush. The second moment was the direct interaction with the children in a playful way, showing them the need and importance of the treatment in the hospital context. Conclusion: The campaign sought, in a relaxed and playful way, to reduce the insecurities of the children participating in the trip to the hospital, so often feared. In addition, it brought the particularities of the infant universe in relation to diseases and health care.

Keywords: Child; Physician-patient relations; Cheers

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Cavalcanti, H.G.O, Silva, B.C.V, Mendez, L.G.C, Santos, J.H.C. Teddy’s hospital: action by an educational multiprofissional team.American Journal of Law and Legal Studies, 2018, 1:1. DOI:10.28933/ajlls-2018-06-1801

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