Evaluation of Access and Quality in Primary Care in João Pessoa

Evaluation of Access and Quality in Primary Care in João Pessoa

Madruga, M.L.L.H1; Melo, G.A2; Vasconcelos, A.M3; Silva, A.M.R4; Carvalho, S.M.C.R5; Lemos, M.T.M6

1Estudante de Fisioterapia – UFPB; 2,3,4Mestranda em Neurociência Cognitiva e Comportamento – UFPB, 5,6Docente do Departamento de Fisioterapia – UFPB.

American Journal of Law and Legal Studies

Introduction: The National Program for the Improvement of Access and Quality in Primary Care is a component of the National Primary Care Policy, within the Unified Health System, which is based on the improvement of the assistance in Primary Care. The third phase of the Program is the moment of the External Evaluation, which is based on the gathering of information to analyze the conditions of access and quality of primary care teams.. Objective: Analyze data from the External Evaluation of Basic Health Units proposed by National Program for Improving Access and Quality in Primary Care in João Pessoa. Methodology: The present study has a quantitative nature and it is characterized as a descriptive and documentary research. It was conducted in March 2016, by means of collect and analysis of the Ministry of Health´s database, freely available on its website. Results: With regard to item ‘operation’ of health basic unit it was observed that all the UBS function doing service only in the morning and afternoon, five days a week. On the second item “UBS evaluation”, were assessed: physical structure and ambience health unit, unit adaptations for the disabled and elderly, equipment and drugs, which showed values below the expected. Conclusion: The data presented reveal that, although there has been progress, the Units are still unprepared to provide a universal, equal and equitable assistance, as advocated in the principles of the Unified Health System.

Keywords: Unified Health System, Basic Health Unit, Health Primary Care.

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Madruga, M.L.L.H; Melo, G.A; Vasconcelos, A.M; Silva, A.M.R; Carvalho, S.M.C.R; Lemos, M.T.M.Evaluation of Access and Quality in Primary Care in João Pessoa. American Journal of Law and Legal Studies, 2018, 1:3. DOI:10.28933/ajlls-2018-06-1803

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