Intellectual Property Rights in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges

Intellectual Property Rights in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges

Nwanna, Clifford Ezekwe (Ph.D)

Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria

American Journal of Law and Legal Studies

This study is on issues and Challenges facing intellectual Property right in Nigeria. Although intellectual Property right laws exist in Nigeria, it is observable that the enforcement of this aspect of law is not taken seriously compared to that of real property. This problem has caused a decrease in the economic value of the productive sector, especially the creative industry, in Nigeria, and a corresponding decrease in our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In view of this problem, the study aims at investigating the issues and challenges affecting intellectual property right in Nigeria, with a view to enlightening the public on the availability and role of intellectual property laws in our Jurisdiction and to proffer solutions on how to achieve more effective enforcement. The study employs a qualitative research approach, while information was sourced primarily through oral source mainly interviews with learned Jurists and practitioners in the creative industry. Secondary sources of information used comprise written sources which include decided cases, Books, Journals, Newspapers and dissertations/project. The study revealed that if intellectual properties are properly protected and the applicable laws enforced, Nigeria will witness a phenomenal rise in the economic value of most productive sector in Nigeria and a corresponding increase in Gross Domestic Product. The study will recommend among others, to improve on legal education in Nigeria by generating best practices and approaches that can be employed to redesign legal education to make it responsive to contemporary realities and needs of the society.

Keywords: Intellectual Property, rights, issues, challenges, legal Education

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