Single-cell transcriptome analyses profile tissue macrophages in the human osteoarthritis

Single-cell transcriptome analyses profile tissue macrophages in the human osteoarthritis

Jingbin Zhou1,2, Zhihong Zhao3, Chen He1, Feng Gao1, Yu Guo3, Feng Qu4, Yujie Liu1

1Medical School of Chinese PLA, Beijing 100853, China. 2Chinese National Institute of Sports Medicine, Beijing 100061, China. 3Department of Orthopedics, Beijing Second Hospital, Beijing 100031, China. 4Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital University of Medicine, Beijing 100730, China.

American Journal of Orthopedic Research and Review

Osteoarthritis (OA) has long been considered as a degenerative disease, but growing evidence suggests that inflammation plays a vital role in its pathogenesis. Unlike rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, inflammation in OA is chronic and in relatively low-grade, mainly mediated by the innate immune system, especially macrophages. However, due to its low abundance, there is a lack of systematic studies on macrophages in the OA condition. Here, we have used single-cell RNA sequencing analysis to gain insight into the heterogeneity and functional specialization of human knee macrophages. We also compared the gene expression profiles of macrophages in healthy people and OA patients, and found the characteristic changes of special macrophages in the OA knee. We believe that this in-depth understanding of the basis of OA inflammation will bring hope for the development of new therapies.

Keywords: Single-cell transcriptome analyses, tissue macrophages, human osteoarthritis

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Jingbin Zhou, Zhihong Zhao, Chen He, Feng Gao, Yu Guo, Feng Qu, Yujie Liu. Single-cell transcriptome analyses profile tissue macrophages in the human osteoarthritis.American Journal of Orthopedic Research and Reviews, 2020, 3:14.


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