Clinical Conduct for a Bruxist Patient: Clinical Case Report

Clinical Conduct for a Bruxist Patient: Clinical Case Report

Araújo S.S.1; Trindade M.O.2; Arruda F.E.P.3; Fernandes G.A.4

1,3,4 Estudante do Curso de Odontologia – UFPE; 2Docente do Departamento de Prótese e Cirurgia Buco Facial – UFPE

American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays

Introduction: Sleep bruxism is an activity of stereotyped movements promoted by the subconscious in the masticatory system that includes the functions of clenching and / or grinding, where neuromuscular protection mechanisms are absent, which can lead to damages to the masticatory system and temporomandibular disorders. Aim: This article aims to demonstrate conducts used in a clinical case to assist in similar case planning. Case report: A 58-year-old male patient required an appointment at the Federal University of Pernambuco integrated dentistry clinic, presenting a complaint of pain in the face region and lack of adaptation with prostheses, he had posterior maxillary edentulism, loss of vertical dimension and severe wear on the remaining teeth. The anamnesis was made in his initial clinical examination, later, was prepared the diagnostic wax-up, the waxing was moulded with condensation silicone for restoration in composite resin with prefabricated pins. Afterward the molding were made to prepare removable partial dentures for the patient. In the old prostheses overlays were prepared to slide between them forming a type of plaque, reprogramming the jaw and avoiding that the patient destroyed the already made restorations. In the following session, the well-adapted prostheses were delivered and the occlusal adjustment was properly performed with intraoral test. Results: The patient reported aesthetic improvement, total pain reduction and better adaptation with the prostheses, he also related comfort in using them. Conclusion: It is possible to perform the rehabilitation of partial edentulous bruxers, approximating the patient to his or her centric relation, without the necessity of plaques and maintaining a quality treatment.

Keywords:  Dental restoration, permanent; Mouth rehabilitation; Sleep bruxism

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Araújo S.S.; Trindade M.O.; Arruda F.E.P.; Fernandes G.A. Clinical Conduct For A Bruxist Patient: Clinical Case Report. American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays, 2018 3:5. DOI:10.28933/ajsre-2018-06-1802

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