Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of fireworks destruction safety based on AHP method

Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of fireworks destruction safety based on AHP method

Zhou Jun1, Zhang Yiping1, Ren Shaofeng1,2, Zhang Xiuyu2, Wan Sipeng1, Luo Yi1

1School of mining, guizhou university, guiyang 550025, China; 2Guizhou guian xinlian blasting engineering co., LTD., guiyang, guizhou 550004

American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays

Aiming at a large number of problems such as complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty existing in the destruction of fireworks, ahp-comprehensive evaluation method was applied to the safety evaluation of the destruction of fireworks. Taking A safe destruction operation in guizhou province as an example, combined with the actual situation on site and expert advice, A two-level structure comprehensive evaluation model of four main factors and 17 sub-factors was established, A judgment matrix was constructed, A weight vector was established, and A fuzzy matrix B was established with membership degree to obtain A comprehensive evaluation matrix D. The evaluation results show that the safety of the destruction of fireworks is good, and the evaluation results are consistent with the actual field effect. The applicability and accuracy of AHP- comprehensive evaluation method in the destruction of fireworks were verified.

Keywords: Fireworks; AHP- comprehensive evaluation method; Safety evaluation; The destruction

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Zhou Jun, Zhang Yiping, Ren Shaofeng, Zhang Xiuyu, Wan Sipeng, Luo Yi. Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of fireworks destruction safety based on AHP method. American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays, 2019 4:15. DOI:10.28933/ajsre-2019-01-0208


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