Simulation calculation and research of double layer metal rubber vibration isolator

Simulation calculation and research of double layer metal rubber vibration isolator

Shengzhe Jin, Guohe Jiang, Gang Wu, Biwen Chen, Xiangyi Zou

Merchant Marine College, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai, 201306, China

American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays

Marine diesel units will produce certain vibration and noise at work, which will affect the normal operation of machinery and crew’s physical and mental health. It is a common solution to equip diesel units with vibration isolators, so it is very necessary to optimize the design of vibration isolators. Based on diesel engine set with double layer metal rubber vibration isolator, for example, to establish the geometric model of the vibration isolator with Solidworks, and importing it into the finite element software called ANSYS Workbench to make simulation calculation, get the vibration isolator in forward loading, reverse load and radial load displacement nephogram under three working conditions and stress nephogram, get the maximum double metal rubber vibration isolator deformation, the maximum stress value and the location of maximum stress. The results show that the maximum stress of the double layer metal rubber isolator is less than the yield limit of the material, which meets the work requirements. The stress concentration is easy to occur in the center of the bottom base of the vibration isolator, that is, fatigue failure is easy to occur. Under the condition of radial loading, the maximum deformation of the case is large. The maximum deformation and stress of the improved case are significantly reduced, which is of guiding significance to the optimal design of the vibration isolator.

Keywords: Double layer metal rubber vibration isolator; Finite element; ANSYS; Stress concentration; Optimization design

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Shengzhe Jin, Guohe Jiang, Gang-Wu, Biwen Chen, Xiangyi Zou. Sim-ulation calculation and research of double layer metal rubber vibration isolator. American Journal of Scient-ific Research and Essays, 2019 4:19. DOI:10.28933/ajsre-2019-05-2507


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