Research status and development direction of controlling factors of graphite mineralization in coal measures

Research status and development direction of controlling factors of graphite mineralization in coal measures

Tian Yuan1, Li Xiaobo2, Gong Liubing1, Li Haihua1, Yang Rui1, Xu Bohui3*

1School of Earth Science and Engineering, Hebei University of Engineering, Handan, Hebei 056038, China. 2Shandong No.5 Geo-mineral Prospecting Institute, Tai’an, Shandong 271000, China. 3male, associate professor, master’s tutor, mainly engaged in research on the processing and utilization of inorganic non-metallic minerals.

Coal-measure graphite mineralization control is affected by many factors. In order to explore the ore-forming control factors and influence mechanism, the paper comprehensively analyzes the influence and mechanism of each factor from five aspects of coal rock composition, coal grade, temperature, pressure and mineralizer, combined with geological examples. The results show that in the process of graphite mineralization in coal measures, the components of coal and rock have the ability of graphitization, but the higher the degree of metamorphism of coal as carbon source, the higher the degree of graphitization of products, the higher the ore-forming temperature, and the higher the degree of graphitization. The development of tectonic movement promotes the graphitization, but the degree of graphitization is different and complicated due to the stress dissipation. Different minerals in coal have different effects on graphite mineralization in coal measures, and its mechanism needs to be further explored. Finally, it is pointed out that the research direction of coal series graphite lies in the different graphitization mechanism of the same rank coal and the different influence mechanism of different minerals in coal.

Fund Project: Study on the structural order degree of cryptocrystalline graphite and its ore-forming controlling factors in coal measures of Hebei natural fund (D2019402055).

Keywords: Coal series graphite; Metallogenic mechanism; Graphitization

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Tian Yuan, Li Xiaobo, Gong Libing, Li Haihua, Yang Rui, Xu Bohui. Research status and development direction of controlling factors of graphite mineralization in coal measures. American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays, 2021; 6:1. DOI:10.28933/ajsre-2021-04-1805

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