The practice of nursing in liver transplantation

The practice of nursing in liver transplantation

Nascimento, M.M.L1, Oliveira, J.A2, Moraes, A.L.O3

1,2Estudantes do Curso de Enfermagem FENSG/UPE;
3Mestranda da Universidade de Pernambuco – UPE

Introduction: Liver transplantation is a complex procedure chosen for the treatment of patients with liver diseases that result in organ failure. The Nurse integrates a transplant team where activities such as planning, coordinating and supervising are developed according to the Federal Nursing Council. Objective: Describe the practice of the nursing students in the organ harvesting process for liver transplantation. Methodology: This is an experience report of a descriptive nature, experienced by nursing students in the Liver Transplants Academic League of Pernambuco during the first semester of 2017. Results and Discussion: The nursing students are scheduled to work together with the nurses of the team in the organ harvesting as follows: a pair of students is on notice until a donation is confirmed in a hospital of Recife. Thereafter, the couple and the nurse go to the hospital where the transplant will be done to collect all the necessary materials during the organ harvesting surgery. After that, they go to the hospital where the donor is to prepare and organize the operating room. During excision, 4 liters of organ preservation solution are used in a procedure called in situ perfusion. At the end of surgery, when the organ is removed, another 1 liter of solution is used in the stage called ex situ perfusion. After the organ is perfused, it is stored in sterile plastic bags with ice and saline solution and finally placed in a thermal box covered with ice so that it is preserved until it reaches the hospital where the transplant will finally be done. Conclusion: Through the insertion in the academic league, students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and learn in practice, how the donation and the organ harvesting for transplantation work.

Keywords: Transplant; nursing; surgery

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Nascimento, M.M.L, Oliveira, J.A, Moraes, A.L.O.The practice of nursing in liver transplantation.American Journal of Surgical Research and Reviews, 2018, 1:1

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