Blue Round Small Cell tumor: A Surgical Update of DSRCT with review of literature ‘A Grim Affair’

Dr.UwaisRiazUlHasan3 M.Med, Dr.Khathija Hasan M.Med, Dr.Farooq Ahmed Qureshi MS, Dr. Victor Effiong Obong M.B.B.Ch, MWACS, Dr.Abdul Aziz Al Nami M.B.B.S, Dr.Ali Ibrahim AlShaqaqiq M.B.B.S, Dr.Mohammad AbdulMajeed Alghadeer M.B.B.S Dr. Marwan Ahmad AlRayhan M.B.B.S, Dr. Mohammed Ali AlJummah M.B.B.S, Dr.Baqer Ali Aldheen M.B.B.S, Dr. Ali Hussain AlRufayi MD, Dr.ShehlaRiazUlHasan Phd.
Dr. Moath AbdulAziz AlMasoud2 M.D, Dr. Noura Al Dossary1

Department of General Surgery, Al Omran General Hospital, Al Hassa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hospital Director1,Head of department2, Assoc Consultant General Surgeon3

Desmoplastic small round cell tumor (DSRCT) is a tumor derived from the Greek desmos referring to knot and plasis to formation an uncommon soft tissue malignant tumor, mesenchymal in origin and aggressive with a prelidiction for males and advanced at presentation. It was first described as a distinct clinical entity by Gerald WL and Rosai J (7). There are fewer than 200 reported to date. Depending on the primary site of location the Clinical manifestations vary. As most arise from the abdomen and pelvis they remain asymptomatic till they attain a huge size. Other reported sites are the skull, thorax, and paratesticular region (10,13). We report the case of a 19 yr old male who had non specific abdominal discomfort with asthenia for a period of six months and was referred to us for evaluation of left supraclavicular nodes. The prognosis of Desmoplastic small round cell tumor (DSRCT) is poor with few surviving less than two years.

Keywords: Blue round, Desmoplastic small round cell tumor, Radiology, Multimodal therapy.

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UwaisRiazUlHasan, Khathija Hasan, Farooq Ahmed Qureshi, Victor Effiong Obong, MWACS, Abdul Aziz Al Nami, Ali Ibrahim AlShaqaqiq, Mohammad AbdulMajeed Alghadeer, Marwan Ahmad AlRayhan, Mohammed Ali AlJummah, Baqer Ali Aldheen, Ali Hussain AlRufayi,ShehlaRiazUlHasan,Moath AbdulAziz AlMasoud, Noura Al Dossary. Blue Round Small Cell tumor: A Surgical Update of DSRCT with review of literature ‘A Grim Affair’. American Journal of Surgical Research and Reviews, 2021; 4:31. DOI:10.28933/ajsrr-2021-06-2706


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