Comparative Study Of Open Cholecystectomy In Acute And Chronic Cholelithiasis In Rural Centre Of India.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Saroj1, Dr. Santosh Gautam2, Dr Ganesh Chandra yadav3

1Assistant Professor, Department Of General Surgery, Venkteshwara Institute Of Medical Sciences, Gajraula, India; 2Assistant professor, Prasad institute of medical science,Junab Ganj,UP-226401; 3Assistant professor, Dept of general surgery,Maa vindhyavasini autonomous state medical college Mirzapur uttarpradesh

The incidence of cholecystitis with cholelithiasis is increasing day by day either acute or chronic cases. Gall stones are the most common cause of acute cholecystitis in 90-95% of the cases. The management of acute cholecystitis is still laparoscopic cholecystectomy in urban area of India but in rural area open cholecystectomy is still preferred method of surgery for acute as well as chronic gall stone. Our study was conducted on 100 patients divided into two groups of 50 of each to compare the results of open cholecystectomy between acute and chronic cases. The overall post-operative morbidity was more in acute cases. But there was significant difference in the total hospital stay and total cost of the therapy in both the groups. drain output was also high in first three days in acute case so, acute case cholecystectomy was found to be more expensive overall and higher length stay and more co morbidities than chronic cases.

Keywords: Comparative Study; Open Cholecystectomy; Acute And Chronic Cholelithiasis

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Jitendra Kumar Saroj, Santosh Gautam, Ganesh Chandra yadav. Comparative Study Of Open Cholecystectomy In Acute And Chronic Cholelithiasis In Rural Centre Of India. .American Journal of Surgical Research and Reviews, 2021, 4:36. DOI:10.28933/ajsrr-2021-10-2505


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