Performance Evaluation of OTT Communication Services

Performance Evaluation of OTT Communication Services

Damilola Fowora*, Oludele Awodele, Olakunle Olayinka and Oyebode Aduragbemi

Department of Computer Science, Babcock University, Nigeria

American Journal on Transportation and Logistics LOGO

This paper assesses the performance and efficiency of Over the Top service applications. Over the Top services has affected the methods and ways information is passed from content creators to consumers. This paper assesses the performance of two of the most heavily utilized over the top applications which include WhatsApp and Skype. We measure their performance on 4 metrics which includes CPU performance, Latency, End-to-End Latency and Load per Period. We see how both these applications perform based on the measurements derived from these metrics.

Keywords: Over-The-Top, Performance Evaluation, OTT, Communication Services

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Damilola Fowora, Oludele Awodele, Olakunle Olayinka and Oyebode Aduragbemi Performance Evaluation of OTT Communication Services. American Journal of Transportation and Logistics, 2018,1:2. DOI:10.28933/ajtl-2018-05-1801


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