Intrusion Detection Systems Technologies and Trends

Intrusion Detection Systems Technologies and Trends

Damilola Fowora*, Oludele Awodele, Olakunle Olayinka and Oyebode Aduragbemi

Department of Computer Science, Babcock University, Nigeria

American Journal on Transportation and Logistics LOGO

The issue of security is a major issue as regarding the use of various systems and also technologies being applied today. We live in a completely digital age and information security is paramount. Intrusion detection systems help to ensure that attacks on network systems is eradicated. This paper presents a review on Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) details it’s model and various security threats that it addresses.

Keywords: Intrusion Detection Systems, Technologies, Trends

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Damilola Fowora, Oludele Awodele, Olakunle Olayinka and Oyebode Aduragbemi. Intrusion Detection Systems Technologies and Trends. American Journal of Transportation and Logistics, 2018,1:3. DOI:10.28933/ajtl-2018-05-1802


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