Logistics Planning and Its Role in Developing Construction Projects in Khartoum State

Logistics Planning and Its Role in Developing Construction Projects in Khartoum State

Omar Ismail Omar Mohammad, Ali Abdullah Alhakem

Sudan University of Science and Technology, College of Business Studies, Khartoum, Sudan.

There are lots of construction projects been implemented in Khartoum State in the last decades. And, in order to implement construction projects successfully, there should be a perfect flow of materials, services and information related to those projects. The provision of providing projects with those essential needs lies within the concept of the logistics management; so, there will be a critical need for developing perfect planning for logistics services. The provision of supplying construction requirements should be conducted and handled in best manner with all the related aspects including quality, safety, time and cost to the proper execution of the construction projects. Many projects are failed and terminated because problems of the flow of logistics services. Those problems are occurred as result of many factors, but bad planning of logistics services is the one of the most important factors. Thus, in order to implement construction projects, there is a great need for the logistics supply service. Because, without delivering construction inputs in the required manner to the location of project, the project shall never be executed. And, in order to provide the project with the needed inputs in the best way and at a required time, there must be an effective planning for the logistics services of projects; in details, there must be a greater concern with the processes of purchasing, transporting and storing, handling as well as flow of information of all materials that used in the execution of projects. The study finds out that applying project management as well as perfect planning of logistics services play vital roles in better execution of construction project in Khartoum State and help maintaining the urban development master plan.

Keywords: Logistics Planning, Project Management, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Khartoum State, Construction Projects, Project Life Cycle.

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Omar Ismail Omar Mohammad, Ali Abdullah Alhakem. Logistics Planning and Its Role in Developing Construction Projects in Khartoum State. American Journal of Transportation and Logistics, 2021,4:18. DOI: 10.28933/ajtl-2021-09-1505


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