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  • Vulvar lesion in Crohn’s disease: a new case report

    The mucocutaneous manifestations are, with the osteo-articular attacks, the most frequent of the extradigestive attacks of the Crohn’s disease. While some of these events evolve alongside the digestive disease, others evolve on their own. Sometimes they can even precede the appearance of intestinal manifestations by several months, which then poses diagnostic problems. Recto-vaginal fistulas and ovarian involvement in Crohn’s disease have been widely reported in the literature (1; 2). However, there are few series in the literature reporting the genital complications of CD, let alone regarding vulvar lesion. We report a new case of vulvar lesion in Crohn’s disease.


    Objective: Describe the situation of vitamin D deficiency in children aged 6 – 11 years at Vietnam National Children’s Hospital. Method: Cross-sectional study. Results: In 155 healthy children in the study, vitamin D deficiency (25(OH)D serum level < 50 nmol/l) was 23.9%. Common clinical symptoms of vitamin D deficiency were long bone pain (32%) and low ionized calcium level (83.8%). There was inverse linear correlation between vitamin D level, weight-for-age z score (WAZ) (r= –0.266 and p

  • Dietary intakes, nutrition status and micronutrient deficiency in picky eating children under 5 years old in the Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics

    Background: Recently, picky eating behaviors have become more and more common in Vietnam. Early identification of nutritional deficiencies through assessment of nutritional status and dietary intake is important to be able to intervene in time to help children optimum in growing physically and cognitively. Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate dietary intake of under five years old children with picky eating behavior and the consequences of these diets on their nutrition status. Methods: Dietary intake was assessed using 24-hour dietary recall for 124 under five years old who presented with picky eating behavior at Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics. Nutrients intakes were calculated using validated dietary analysis software and compared with age-appropriate Vietnam Recommended(Recommended Nutrient Intakes- RNI). Nutrition status was assessment follow WHO guideline 2009, micronutrients deficiency was evaluated based on laboratory tests. Results:84.7% of the children had an unbalanced diets, lacking in overall energy intake(70-90% of RNI:48 and ≤ 50%: 19%). Prevalence of stunting (32.3%), under weight (28.2%), wasting (13.7%) and micronutrients deficiency was high. Conclusions: Children with picky eating behavior had high prevalence of inadequate diet, malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies. Early identification and treatment of picky eating behavior in children is needed to prevent malnutrition.

  • Research on Rate Monotonic Algorithm and Schedulability Analysis in Real-Time System

    Rate monotonic scheduling algorithm (abbr. RM) is one of the main algorithms in real-time systems, but its operation efficiency is low relatively. In this paper, two-level scheduling method is used to improve the operational efficiency of RM algorithm, and the basic principle of computer processor in real-time system is analyzed, and the RM scheduling algorithm is implemented concretely. Considering the shortcoming of RM algorithm, a modified RM algorithm based two-level scheduling strategy is proposed. As a result, the performance and reliability of real-time system is increased, and the applicability of the method is widened.

  • Comparative test and study on different types of anchor cable support in high stress deep rock mass

    To study the grouting anchor cable, high strength anchor cable, constant resistance, large deformation of anchor supporting of coal roadway surrounding rock different control effect, first using drilling into instrument detecting roof inner fracture of surrounding rock and loose circle development situation, again USES the anchor dynamometer, the roof abscission layer meter, convergence rule of surrounding rock of roadway convergence deformation and stress monitoring and supporting artifacts related to data processing and analysis between the drivage and stoping different anchor rope supporting of roadway surrounding rock under the condition of deformation and stress change rule anchor rope.Through the above steps, the grouting anchor cable is found to be the best supporting method.

  • Leakage reduction in water supply system through the adjustment of its hydraulic efficiency

    The present paper provides a pilot example for water networks managers and operators intending to adjust the hydraulic condition of a pressurized water system to operations conditions with the objective to improve its efficiency. For this aim, a hydraulic modeling methodology has been applied and combined with site inspection, and field measurements. The selected water system operates under particular topographic and operational conditions and suffers from major problems making the system unable to deliver water with the designed volume to the regional reservoir. The system is studied under both steady and unsteady conditions. The study shows benefits of the proposed methodology in terms of water loss reduction which allows enhancing the hydraulic performance of the system. Consequently, the adjustment of a water system to fit with the real operations conditions has improved the hydraulic reliability and efficiency of the system. The novelty of this paper is two-fold. First, it gathers field measurements and hydraulic modeling. Second, it forecasts and measures the efficiency of proposed rehabilitation works by checking the performance of the water system. Therefore, the paper results can be useful to researchers in hydraulics who need an identification of relevant studies, as well as to practitioners interested in understanding the available methods, techniques and tools and their applicability level in real case studies.

  • New progress in endoscopic treatment of esophageal tracheal fistula

    Esophageal tracheal fistula is a pathological communication between the esophagus and the trachea and/or bronchus. It is caused by the progression of malignant tumors such as esophageal cancer and lung cancer, as well as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Once the esophageal tracheal fistula is diagnosed, it needs immediate treatment to block the fistula as soon as possible, relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life of the person. Digestive endoscopic minimally invasive interventional techniques, represented by esophageal stents, are an important means of treating esophageal fistula. In this study, the esophageal stent type selection, placement method and efficacy in the treatment of esophageal tracheal fistula, and the application of other digestive endoscopy techniques is summarized.

  • Conventional and Alternative Measures for IBS Management

    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or irritable bowel disease (IBD), is also known as spastic colitis, mucus colitis, and nervous colon. It is a chronic, or long-term, condition, but symptoms tend to change over the years. It’s not uncommon for people with IBS to have episodes of both constipation and diarrhea. Symptoms such as bloating and gas typically go away after a bowel movement. There is no cure for IBS. Treatment is aimed at symptom relief. Certain foods as well as stress and anxiety can be triggers for IBS symptoms for many people. Medications are available to ease the symptoms of IBS, but some patients feel better trying natural remedies instead of (or in addition to) conventional drugs. Objective of the Study: To detail conventional and alternative treatment approaches of IBS. Limitation of The Study: Surgical considerations of IBS patients are not included in this article. Findings: Lifestyle modification, specially food habit alteration mostly effective along with psychological counseling and medication adherence. Practical Implications: GPs, gastroenterologists, medicine specialists, pharmacy and medical students will get best benefit out of this article.


    Ifá scholars have primarily focused on its sociological and linguistic aspects while the scientific and computer aspects have been variously neglected. This paper explored the mathematical and computer model of Ifá corpus, which will assist Ifá priests to use the oracular process to simulate Ikin (the sixteen sacred palm nuts) and Ọ̀pẹ̀lẹ̀ (the divining bead chain) on the way to produce Odù (Ifá poetries) signatures. Each signature links the 256 Odùs in the database which invariably retrieved the corresponding verses with conforming sacrifices or advices. Microsoft Visual Studio.Net Express 2018 Community Edition on Window 10 Professional, 64-bit Operating System with Intel core duo CPU at 2.60 GHz, 12 GB memory was used to implement Ifá Application Tool (IAT). IAT interface supported Ikin and Ọ̀pẹ̀lẹ̀ simulation, the manual inscription of Odù signature, display of verses, stories, advises and recommended sacrifices. Usability testers scored the tool high in the ease of finding information within the user interface while it was above average in the skill to capture essential features for Odù divination accomplishments. This model supported Ifá professionals to make informed decisions and assessment by eliminating the level of ambiguity to interpret Odù corpus with a clear demarcation of its meanings.

  • Face Powders: Formulation Considerations

    The face powder was demanded by many nations in the world in the beginning AD and in Asia white skin was believed to be the sign of aristocratism, membership of the elite, and yet, white color is the pure symbol of the internal beauty and nobility. In addition, some face powders are sold in varying specialty shades to suit different skin needs; for example, a face powder with a greenish tinge will minimize the appearance of redness, while a purple-tinted powder may help the appearance of sallow or yellow skin. There is a legitimate reason to use face powder, and the pharmacopeias prescribe them in the treatment of many skin affections. At all events the proper use of powder is beneficial, it lightly covers and unifies a complexion, hiding the ravages of time, improving even the beautiful face. Face powder comes in different shades to match varying skin tones, and it is a good idea to choose the skin tone that most closely matches the natural skin. This will help the makeup appear more natural; it should be virtually unnoticeable. It may be necessary to use different face powders for summer and winter, as the skin may become tanner in the summer, or drier and in need of extra moisture in the winter. They are of benefit in acne, freckles, sunburn and red nose. Beneath their attractive aspect and odor, face powders should be made by the perfumer to combine the qualities of an elegant cosmetic and therapeutic agent; they must primarily possess adherence, lightness and be transparent; secondly, they should be detergent and delicately absorbent in order to aid the natural functions of the skin, taking up the fatty matters not easily dislodged by water; they should also tend to increase the natural elasticity and regular functions of the…