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  • A workpiece turnover device based on aerodynamic system

    In view of the problem of workpiece turnover on the assembly line of the factory, a machine for automatic workpiece turnover is designed, whose design directly affects the work level of the whole automatic production line. This paper discusses the mechanical structure of the workpiece turnover device in the automatic production line. The turnover of the workpiece can be realized by using the rotary cylinder drive system. The aerodynamic system of the workpiece is designed. The working principle of the aerodynamic system and the design of PLC circuit are analyzed. The results show that the turning of the workpiece can be realized by using the pneumatic system to control the movement of the mechanical device. The aerodynamic device has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and strong practicability.

  • Research on the Current Situation of Industrial Structure and Upgrading Path in Hubei Province under the Background of Central Rise

    The development of the industrial structure affects the development of the regional economy. From the implementation of the rise of central China to the present, while the industrial structure of Hubei Province is developing, there are also unreasonable phenomena. This article analyzes the industrial structure of Hubei Province from 2004 to 2018.It first analyzes the current situation of the industrial structure of Hubei Province, the current situation of the industrial structure, the existing problems and reasons, and finally proposes the path of industrial structure optimization in Hubei Province based on the analysis results.

  • Trichotillomania is chronic obsessive compulsive disease with a diagnostic hair loss patterns

    Background: Trichotillomania (TTM) is a common cause of childhood alopecia. It’s a traumatic alopecia and is defined as the irresistible urge to pull out the hair, accompanied by a sense of relief after the hair has been plucked. The condition maybe episodic and the chronic type is difficult to treat. There seem to be an increase in the prevalence of the condition probably due to the changing life style into a more stressful one. Objective: To do full evaluation of this disease and description of hair loss patterns. Patients and methods: In this descriptive study, we collected patients with trichotillomania who had attended department of dermatology, college of medicine, university of Baghdad, Baghdad teaching hospital during the period from 2011 through 2019 where 114 cases of TTM were seen. The diagnosis was established on clinical basis after exclusion of other dermatological diseases and medical problems.Full history was taken from each patient including demographic data, presence of stressful life event as a triggering factor. Psycholgical assessment was carried out for each patient by experienced dermatologist as psychiatric referral was refused by all patients and their families.Full description of patterns of hair loss was carried out after exclusion of other causes of hair loss especially alopecia areata. Results: A total of 114 patients diagnosed with TTM were enrolled in this study,88 (77.19%) patients were females and 26 (22.8%) males with female to male ratio: 3.38:1 . Age of patients ranged from 6 – 65 years with a median age of 16 years with the commonest age range between 10-19 years in 64(56.14%) patients.While the duration of the condition ranged from 3 months to 4 years. Family history was positive in 6 (5.3%) patients, all of them were first degree relatives. Psychological evaluation showed obsessive compulsive neurosis in all patients and all patients…

  • Airport Taxi Management Based on Dynamic Decision and Multi-objective Programming Model

    Nowadays major airports often have a large number of passengers and vehicles stranded, resulting in inefficient airport operations. In order to solve this problem, this article aims at the decision-making problems that airport taxi drivers face after sending passengers to the airport, and the problem of setting up the boarding point of the airport by analyzing the influencing mechanism of factors related to taxi driver decisions, and considering the changing rules of airport passengers and the benefits of taxi drivers, we have established Driver’s choice decision model based on time periods and Multi-objective programming model based on queuing theory. The model established in this paper can greatly alleviate the airport’s load-bearing pressure, improve the airport’s overall boarding efficiency under the condition that the taxi driver’s income is balanced, and provide a theoretical basis for the systematization of airport taxi queuing.

  • Efficacy Evaluation of Staff Training Course: A case study in Islamic Banking

    There are many kinds of training in institutions. But one of them the latest and most eminent train pattern intended to appraise efficacy operating workforce teaching be Kirkpatrick model. , the efficacy of the worker’s teaching path investigated Islamic banking. The feedback form composed of five constituents that take in: acquisition, the reaction of attitude, consequences moreover the novelty within the position of confounding factors are dispensed. It is showed in an investigation that some elements are such as (reaction, actions as well as creations) are having momentous end products going on the tradition efficiency on the way to Kirkpatrick model. As well as two factors (education as well as product for path) are no more a trivial consequence.

  • Causality of Unemployment and Macroeconomics

    In order to test the wellbeing and development of a given nation economy, unemployment level is a primary macroeconomic pointer. It is considered as forgone output which denies the fundamental assets of government that required creating the economy. Thus, the objective of the study was to investigate the long-run and short-run causality between unemployment and macroeconomic variables. Resulting to utilizing the Augmented Dickey-Fuller to test for unit root this investigation utilized Auto Regressive Distributed Lag limits testing approach and Vector Error Correction Model granger causality test to inspect the time arrangement information over the time of 1984/85-2018/19. Relapse result recommends that since quite a while ago run causation running from joblessness to the recorded macroeconomic factors. In the short run there is significant granger causality from foreign direct investment and inflation rate to unemployment rate. Moreover, from unemployment to real gross domestic product and external debt in the short run. Finally, the study suggests the government should increase the level of aggregate supply, create conducive environment that entice more foreign direct investment and borrow only for productive purpose to form more business and assimilate an expensive pool of unemployment populace.


    The study investigated the impact of federal government expenditure on the Nigerian economic development. The main objective of the study was to ascertain whether there is a relationship between federal government expenditure and economic development in Nigeria. The study adopted Least Square estimation technique to evaluate the model specified using time series from 2010-2018. Real Gross Domestic Product was used as the dependent variable while federal government capital and recurrent expenditures were used as the independent variables. The result from the regression analysis shows that federal government capital and recurrent expenditures have a positive effect on real GDP. The data used in the analysis were gotten from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) statistical bulletin. The study recommended that federal government should direct more of its recurrent expenditure towards economic and community services as they accelerate economic development. The study also recommended proper management of public funds allocated to the agricultural sector and manufacturing industries as they have the potential of raising the nation’s production capacity and providing employment for citizens in the country.

  • PEST Analysis of Development Trend in China’s Online Drug Retail Market under the “Internet Plus” Strategy

    Objective: to probe the current situation of the online drug retail market in China, so as to provide reference for the future development direction of the market. Method: through big data, to establish PEST model and analysis the current situation of the online drug retail market in China from the four dimensions of politics, economic, society and technology. Results and Conclusion: at present, the policy environment of China’s online drug retail market is good, the number of pharmaceutical e-commerce enterprises will continue to increase and the scale of market size will grow. Although there are still problems such as insufficient purchasing power of consumers, uneven regional development, imperfect payment method and distribution system and so on, with the continuous promotion of “Internet Plus” strategy and benign competition in the market, China’s online drug retail market will develop rapidly. With the promotion of “Internet Plus” strategy in China, relying on network technology, drug market is closely liked to e-commerce activities, and the online drug retail market has become an important form of drug sales. By collecting and analyzing big data, establishing PEST model and probing the current situation of China’s online drug retail market from four dimensions, this paper provide the direction for the future of the online drug retail market in China.

  • Investigation of forced convective heat transfer in nanofluids

    The present paper concerns a theoretical study of heat transfer of the laminar two dimensional flows of various nanofluids taking into account the dissipation due to viscous term past a 2-D flat plate had a different temperatures. The steady incompressible flow equations were used and transformed to a nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE). These equations were solved numerically using implicit finite difference method. Three types of nanoparticles in the base flow of water were considered. The symbolic software Mathematica was used in the present study. Different types of nanoparticles, different values of, nanoparticle volume fraction, Eckart and Prandtl number were tested and analyzed at different wall temperature. The effect of these parameters on the flow behaviour, the local skin friction coefficient, Nusselt number, the velocity and the temperature profiles were presented and investigated. It is concluded that these parameters affect the fluid flow behaviour and heat transfer parameters especially nanoparticle concentration. The presence of nanoparticles showed an enhancement in the heat transfer rate moreover its type has a significant effect on heat transfer enhancement.


    Electroencephalogram or EEG is a trace of Brain action from different locales of the cerebrum. It is the electrical movement and activity determined by putting the electrode terminals on the scalp. Artifacts are unnecessary noise signals in an EEG record. These noise in recording EEG sham a major mortification for EEG interpretation and disposal. Categorization of artifacts depends on source of its creation similar to Physiological artifacts along with Exterior artifacts. Recognition of artifacts, identification of artifacts as well as eradication of artifacts is a significant procedure to diminish the possibility of false impression of EEG not only for clinical but also for non-clinical fields. The majority of recording convention. There are various strategies for artifact removal which incorporates manual and automatic techniques. Morphology and Electrical distinctiveness of artifacts can show the way to fake elucidation that is intolerable in support of clinical as well as non clinical utilization. Thus artifacts in EEG signals must be removed or minimized before further interpretation. The presented paper describes a review on detection, classification and removal/ minimization of the recorded EEG signal artifacts.