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  • Domination of Gastric Complications Among Diabetic Patients

    This article covers the epidemiology, pathophysiology/complications and management of diabetic gastroparesis (DGP), and more broadly diabetic gastroenteropathy, which encompasses all the gastrointestinal manifestations of diabetes mellitus (DM). Hyperglycemia, autonomic neuropathy, and enteric neuromuscular inflammation and injury are implicated in the pathogenesis of delayed gastric emptying (GE). Initial options include dietary modifications, supplemental oral nutrition, and antiemetic and prokinetic medications. Patients with more severe symptoms may require a venting gastrostomy or jejunostomy and/or gastric electrical stimulation (GES). To date, few population-based studies have estimated the true prevalence and incidence of gastroparesis. Nonetheless, its prevalence appears to be rising, as does its incidence among minority populations, documented via hospitalizations, which can impose significant economic burdens on patients.


    Over the years, Nigeria as a Nation has been witnessing serious unrest characterized by the ethnic, political, farmer’s-herder’s conflict and activities of the insurgency. The north eastern geo-political zone of Nigeria was not left out of the activities. The activities of the Boko Haram insurgents has led to over ten thousand people losing their life and properties making many homeless. The paper is aimed at providing a comprehensive data and show the spatial distribution of activities of Boko Haram insurgency in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States between 2009 and 2017. The paper utilizes secondary data from Armed Conflict Data (ACLED), printed materials, newspaper records, journals, and security agencies records. The method of analysis utilized in the study is Geographical Information System (GIS) approach using ArcGIS software and graphs to indicate the activities of the insurgency. The finding of the research shows that Borno State has the highest occurrence of insurgency and Yobe State recorded the lowest. The study concludes that the activities of the insurgents are more at the northern part and along the international boundaries.

  • Patulin Induced Dominant Lethal Gene in Mature Male and/or Female Rats

    Many fungi including Penicillium and Aspergillus species produces patulin in the contaminated foods. Patulin is a heterocyclic unsaturated lactone that reacts with SH group of biological molecules causing harmful effects in human and animal tissues. Hence, the present investigation was designed to evaluate the possible teratogenic effect of patulin (0.002mg/kg b. wt) which was examined through the induction of dominant lethal gene and the alteration in number of live births in the female rats . Results and Conclusion: patulin is a dangerous teratogen in rats. This was confirmed by the significant increase in the percentage of maternal and embryo toxicities.


    Purpose: The study investigated the librarians’ use of Social Media for library service delivery in the university libraries in Nigeria. Methodology: The research adopted the descriptive design survey. The sample size of this research study comprised of (40) forty librarians from Federal University Otuoke and Niger Delta University, wiberforce iland, both in Bayelsa State. A well self-structured questionnaire was used to collect data. Findings: The Friday showed that social media tools were used among Librarians for sharing posting and disseminating of inaugural lecture, conference via You-Tube for other academic improvement. The finding revealed that Facebook was most consulted social media tool among librarian in the variously libraries. Closely followed were YouTube, Instant Message and Twitter respectively. The finding indicated that lack of awareness and the unreliable power supply were the two major challenges librarians faced while using social media to provide services in the university library. Closely followed was the low bandwidth. The study revealed that overdue notices, reference service, marketing and promotion of information products, displayed of new arrival of collection were some of the major services rendered by librarian in the university librarian in Nigeria. Originality: The result of this research will be beneficial to the librarians and the teaming users in general, especially in the area of awareness of social media tools, service delivery via social media tools and overcoming challenges facing librarian while using several media in providing services.


    The study investigates librarians’ competencies and students’ satisfaction with information services in University of Uyo Library. Three objectives, three research questions and three hypotheses were formulated for the study. The study covered University of Uyo library. Ex-post facto research design was used for the study. The population of the study comprised 1,855 registered users in the University of Uyo Library during the 2016/2017 academic session. The sample size of the study was 185 respondents using 10% of the total population. Simple random sampling techniques were used to select sample size for the study. The data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation for all the three research questions; while t-test were used for test the three null hypotheses. The finding of the study shows that there is a significant influence of librarians’ knowledge of information resources on students’ satisfaction with information services. There is a significant influence of librarians’ technical skills on students’ satisfaction with information services. There is a significant influence of librarians’ interpersonal skills on students’ satisfaction with information services. The study was recommended that the Librarians should be well grounded in the knowledge of information resources that exist not only in academic library but other libraries and information centres in order to effectively serve the library community and create effective referral. Librarians as a matter of urgency should strive to develop themselves in information literacy and information technology as these are important in the present knowledge economy in order to remain relevant as information service provider and this can be gotten through continuing education, workshops, seminars and conferences. Librarians should always wear a friendly outlook in the discharge of their duties in order to create a positive environment for collaboration that will engender maximum use of the library resources to the satisfaction of the information need…

  • Impact of Foreign Trade, Fdi, Exchange Rate And Inflation on Economic Growth

    This study analysed the long run relationship between economic growth, foreign direct investment, foreign trade, inflation, exchange rate, imports and exports for the period of 1980-2011 using annual time series analysis. It examined the dependency of economic growth on foreign trade, exchange rate, inflation and foreign direct investment. Trade openness, foreign direct investment and inflation are found stationary at level while imports, exports, exchange rate and economic growth are stationary at first difference. All the variables have long run relationship according to cointegration results. DOLS results showed that imports and exports have significant positive relationship, inflation and foreign trade have significant negative impact, and exchange rate and foreign direct investment have insignificant positive influence on economic growth. The negative impact of foreign trade can be overcome by producing import substitutes and creating conditions for trade surplus. Other policy reforms are also required to enhance the economic growth.

  • Analysis and Study of Influence Factors and Control Strategies For Power Grid Operation Costs

    At present, power grid construction is playing a more and more important role in development of China power sector because of maldistribution of electric energy. This passage is based on three steps in the electrified wire netting construction process: power transformation, transmission, distribution. By summing up the feature of them, some conclusions about influence factors of power grid operating costs are required. After that, this paper analyzes negative influence of high costs. At last, keeping a reasonable control on single cost is put forward to make controlling total costs strongly possible.

  • Research on automated machine tool management model

    With the development of science and technology, the advancement of industrialization, automated production has been widely used, and automated machine tools are also favored as modern equipment for automation management coordination. This paper considers that the automatic lathe may fail during the process of continuously processing a certain part. Therefore, establishing the best inspection interval and tool replacement strategy for model design makes the automatic machine tool management more mature, and then promotes the modern development of production equipment.

  • A Laboratory-Based Experiment on the Efficacy of Graphitic Carbon Nitride Doped with Tungsten Chloride in the Degradation of Organic Dye Pollutant Rhodamine-b Dye from Wastewater

    Water is an essential commodity whose quantity and quality needs to be secured for easier accessibility at both the industrial, public and household levels. However, its availability in adequate quality and quantity have continued to decline worldwide. Indeed, rise in human population coupled with the climate change phenomena have greatly impacted on the quality of water resources through increased organic and inorganic pollution. Rhodamine B (RhB) dye is a common organic pollutant majorly in industrial wastewater and with numerous environmental and human health effects. The application of of graphitic carbon nitride (G-C3N4) in the purification of wastewater to enhance the removal of RhB in wastewater is a technology of interest to most most environmental quality regulators and agencies. The study was therefore aimed at investigating the performance of graphitic carbon nitride doped with tungsten chloride in the degradation of organic dye pollutant rhodamine B dye from wastewater. The study showed that the as-prepared hybrid photo catalyst exhibits an improved photo degradation performance because of its synergetic effect. Indeed, the photo excited electrons from g-C3N4 were able to efficiently separate and are injected to the conductive band of WO3. The optimum photo activity occurred at the optimum ratio of 0.25WO3/g- C3N4. There was also stability and efficiency within the hybrid catalyst within the photo degradation process. Indeed, the composite indicates a high activity for degradation of RhB under visible light irradiation. The presence of g-C3N4 proved to be beneficial for enhancement in photo catalytic activity of the g-C3N4-WO3 composite and proved to be one of the best alternative modes of n the degrading organic dye pollutant Rhodamine B dye from wastewater.

  • Relationship among Ballast Water, Bioincrustration and Invasion of Exotic Species

    Most species of seaweed that are transported through ballast water may have been transferred also by bioincrustration. Macroalgae of the genus Caulerpa, are native to the Mediterranean. C. taxifolia is an algae indicator of conditions, often harmful, and sometimes irreversible, to the ecosystems of the invaded areas. It is necessary to implement control measures to minimize damage to the endemic species and its im-pact on the areas of occurrence. This study aimed to assess the occurrence of exotic algae on and their relationship and distribution on the coast of Pernambuco, during periods of dry and rainy seasons from 2005 to 2009. Macroalgae were fixed in con-solidated and unconsolidated substrates, being also associated with other algae and even occurring as loose fragments in the sandstone reef. These fragments could be the result of anthropogenic activities or local hydrodynamics. The absence of sea ur-chins and other herbivores associated with C. taxifolia sites pointing to an allelopathic action in the process of colonization. We consider that Caulerpa taxifolia may have been introduced recently in our coast being in process of colonization growing itself most often in sandstone reefs, which suggests an action in inhibiting herbivory through the synthesis of allelochemicals.