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  • Hospital Dentist Practice in Perception of the Multiprofessional Health Team of a Reference Center in Oncology – Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

    Introduction: The hospital dentist practice is necessary for the integral attention to the hospitalized patient, contributes to the infection control and quality of care. Objective: to verify the perception of the multiprofessional health team of a Reference Center in Pediatric and Adult Hospital Oncology, about the dental practice in the care of hospitalized patients. Methodology: Prospective cross-sectional study conducted at the Reference Center for Pediatric and Adult Hospital Oncology, from May to September 2019, through the application of a semi-structured questionnaire, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. Used Excel 2010 and statistical analysis, Pearson’s chi-square and Fisher’s exact tests were used, considering p ≤ 0.05. Results: a sample of 152 health professionals, of which 88.8% are female, 51.3% nursing, predominant age group between 40 and 69 years (60.6%) and 57.2% of professionals work in the Adult Hospital Oncology Center. In this study, 99.3% of the samples report being important or a dentist following and treating patients’ oral problems and 98% reported as oral diseases that can affect the patient’s overall health. Still 64.4% claim to be important or follow up before, during and after as antineoplastic therapies. In turn, 48% of the sample studied integration with a dental team as good, revealing the best members of the pediatric sector (p = 0.020). Conclusion: It is important for the dentist to be part of a team, providing assistance before, during and after antineoplastic therapies; It is necessary the performance of the dentist for the maintenance of oral health, because it is understood that oral health impacts on the restoration of general health. Further studies should be conducted with the importance of the theme addressed.


    Objective: To evaluate the therapeutic effect of cyanobacteria Arthrospira sp. in the evolution of periodontal disease. Methods: Eight rats, aged 90 days weighing 280 ± 300g, were used from the Animal Experimentation Center Animal Hospital of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Federal University of Pernambuco. After an adaptation period of 10 days, the animals were randomly divided into three groups, namely: Group I – Control Rats, without administration of cyanobacteria; Group II – Rats with periodontal disease without administration of cyanobacteria; Group III – Rats with periodontal disease with cyanobacteria administration. All animals were induced to periodontitis, which was made by ligature with cotton thread, and this wire was placed around the gingival sulcus of the left upper first molar, with this application there was accumulation of residues, causing the formation of dental biofilm. Results: After the morphological analysis of the experimental groups, we observed that there was a significant effect among the studied groups, where the periodontal ligament was preserved (treated group) or showed absence of tissue integrity (untreated group). Conclusion: The administration of Arthrospira sp. in rats with periodontal disease, suggests to be an important ally in the fight against the progression of periodontitis, thus acting in the control of this disease.

  • Nutritional Disorders: Infant Protein-Energy Malnutrition

    Malnutrition is characterized as a deficiency of food and nutrients, mainly affecting children of preschool age (up to 5 years). Responsible for 30% of the world’s child deaths, malnutrition can compromise the child’s physical and mental development. The objective of this study was to present, through a literature review, information on energy-protective malnutrition; to expose the effects of malnutrition on the development and growth of the child and the immune system. Consequently, to discuss ways of diagnosis and treatment in order to reduce the high rates of child morbidity caused by malnutrition.


    The awakening of civic consciousness of social rights requires investors not only have to obtain the “administrative license” from the host countries, but also need the “social license” from the local citizens when investing abroad. Although ICSID has made a series of decisions in favor of the host countries in investment disputes referring to environmental protection after the year of 2000, a tendency emphasizing the rights of investors has not changed substantially. In international investments involving environmental protection, the responsibility of the home country is either absent or exists in a form of soft law, thus cannot play a effective role. Emphasis on the responsibility of the home country has a vital meaning on balancing the rights and interests among all the parties.

  • Double Lipschitz Stability for Nonlinearly neutral Differential Systems with Multiple Delay

    In this paper, firstly a new class of time-delay differential inequalities are proved. Then as an application, the nonlinearly perturbed differential systems with multiple delay are considered and it is obtained that the trivial solution of the nonlinear systems with multiple delay has uniform stability and uniform exponential Lipschitz asymptotic stability with respect to partial variables. It is obvious that the above system is a generalization of the traditional differential systems. The aim of this paper is to investigate the double stability of time-delay differential equations, including Uniform stability and Uniform Lipschitz stability. The author uses the method of differential inequalities with time-delay and integral inequalities to establish double stability criteria. As a result, the partial stability of differential equations is widely used both in theory and in practice such as dynamic systems and control systems.

  • Premature rupture of membrane and its associated factors among pregnant women admitted to public hospitals

    Background: Premature rupture of membrane is the common complication of pregnancy which is an important cause for perinatal and maternal morbidity and mortality. However most of the studies done on its prevalence had showed a variation with the global prevalence of premature rupture of membrane. The study was aimed to assess prevalence and associated factors of premature rupture of membrane among pregnant women admitted to public hospitals in Nekemte town, Western Ethiopia. Method: An institution based cross-sectional study was carried out from June 1 to July 30, 2019. A systematic random sampling technique was used to select 284 study participants. Interviewer administered structured questionnaires and standardized checklists were used to collect data. Data was entered into 3.1 and exported to SPSS version 25.0. Results: About, 121(42.6%) of respondents were found in between the age group of 25-29 years, with the mean of 26.41 and standard deviation of 4.64 (26.41+4.64). The prevalence of premature rupture of membrane was 13.4%with 95% CI (9.9, 17.3). Women who had history of abortion (AOR=3.47, 95% CI: 1.44, 8.37), history of previous premature rupture of membrane (AOR=2.95, 95% CI: 1.15, 7.54), history of cesarean section (AOR=3.56, 95% CI: 1.23, 10.31) and sexually transmitted infection (AOR=7.26, 95% CI: 1.99, 26.46) and ANC follow up (AOR= 0.07, 95% CI: 0.01, 0.63) were significantly associated with premature rupture of membrane. Conclusion: The prevalence of premature rupture of membrane among the participants was considered to be high compared to the global prevalence. An intervention that focuses on strengthening the integration of messages on health promotion and disease prevention to maintain normal pregnancies for pregnant women is recommended.

  • Review of Maternal Mortality Cases at Loandjili General Hospital in Pointe-Noire

    Objectives: A major global public health problem, maternal mortality remains high, especially in the sub-Saharan countries, despite the efforts of the various health systems. Thus, this work was intended to describe the epidemiological profile of deceased patients, to identify the causes of maternal mortality, and to report dysfunctions in relation to management facilities. Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional study, conducted from 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2014 at Loandjili General Hospital, including cases of maternal deaths occurring in the Obstetrics Gynecology Department. Maternal mortality has been defined in accordance with the World Health Organization, as “the death of a woman occurring during pregnancy or within 42 days after delivery, regardless of the cause or aggravated by the pregnancy or the care she has motivated, but neither accidental nor fortuitous “. The review of each file allowed us to analyse the epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic variables, and to deduce dysfunctions related to the commodities (human, material and financial) of management. Results: Eighty-three maternal deaths were recorded out of 8,115 live births, representing a maternal mortality ratio of 1022 / 100,000 live births. Patients who died had a median age of 28.8 years [23.5; 34], secondary school (54%), pauciparous (2.9 ± 1.4 years), unemployed (75%), and referred (64%) in poor condition (76%). Caesarean section was performed in 29% of cases. The causes of death were haemorrhage (46%), complications of arterial hypertension (25%) and abortion (17%). In 60% of the cases, the deceased patients would have benefited from a surgical intervention, but only 37% of them were operated on. The deaths occurred during pregnancy (48%), childbirth (16%) and in the postpartum (36%). The unavailability of blood products and inputs was reported in 60% and 23% of cases, respectively. The third delay was noted in 90% of cases. Conclusion: The maternal mortality in our maternity…

  • Application of Tactical Models in Embryology Teaching for Visually Disabled

    Objective: Apply the idea of tactile models as a tool for embryology teaching for the visually impaired, facilitating learning by encouraging student, sharpening his curiosity and facilitating the teaching-learning process. Method: It was proposed to make tactile models based on the schemes and photos used by normovisual students found in the base books of the study of Embryology, using cheap and easy-to-handle materials. Results: The models were used by the visually impaired student during classes following the discipline schedule and were also used as objects of assessment. Conclusion: The applicability of the tactile models met expectations, since the student can obtain full knowledge of the subject in an inclusive manner and can have the same type of learning as the normovisual students.

  • Performance Analysis of Feature Extraction and its Fusion Techniques for Iris Recognition System

    The extraction of feature shows a significant part of iris recognition system. The robustness of recognition accuracy mostly depends on efficient extraction of feature. In the development of an effective recognition system, it is required that the best discriminating feature available in an iris pattern to be properly extracted. This paper applied some selected feature extraction techniques: 1D Log-Gabor Filter (1D LGF), 2-D Gabor-Filter (2D GF), Discrete Cosine Tansform (DCT) and Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) for extraction of iris features and fusion technique. The CASIA iris image dataset was used to evaluate with evaluation parameters: False Acceptance Rate (FAR), False Rejection Rate (FRR), Error Rate (RA) and Recognition Accuracy (RA). The combined 1D Log-Gabor and 2D Gabor filter approach outperformed other techniques with 92.22% of recognition accuracy, FRR of 0.0186, FAR of 0.1052 and ER of 2.87%.

  • Nexus between Theory and Practice of Continuous Assessment in Higher Education: Dawa University in Focus

    The final goal of continuous assessment (CA) is to improve the quality of teaching and learning. This study examined the linkage between theoretical assumptions and the real practices of continuous assessment for quality teaching and learning in higher education institutions of Ethiopia, Dire Dawa University in focus. The study employed survey research design. The 73 educators and 289 learners were participated in the study. The study used 5-points Likert scale type data collection instrument. The data were analyzed via SPSS version 20. The data analysis technique employed was a one-sample t-test. The Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was used to test the reliability of instruments and thus, the questionnaires had acceptable alpha coefficients. This study revealed that the instructors and students have acknowledged the opportunities of CA to improve the quality of teaching and learning in HEIs. Finally, if CA is to fit for purpose, the practice of continuous assessment for marking students’ learning performance and for facilitating their further learning should be balanced based on theoretical assumptions. Besides, the need to design competency-based assessment rubric was recommended.