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  • Phase Modulated OFDMA System, Study and Investigations

    In this paper, a DFT- based OFDMA with phase modulation (DFT-OFDMA-PM) system is proposed. The proposed system exploits the advantages of PM, the constant envelope (CE) signal, and the ability to improve the diversity of multipath channels. The performance of the proposed system in terms of bit error rate (BER) is studied and investigated using simulation. An investigation of the proposed system, the DFT-OFDMA-PM, results is carried and compared to the recently proposed DCT-OFDMA-PM system and the conventional systems without PM. Moreover, the key parameter, the modulation index, which affects the performance of the PM systems, is also studied and the optimum value is chosen via simulation. The simulation results for the proposed system show the effectiveness of the proposed system for broadband communications.

  • Modeling a Fault Tolerant Control Mechanism for Cloud e-marketplaces using Raft Consensus Protocol (RCP)

    The evolution of marketplaces started from the traditional marketplace, the internet marketplace, the web service marketplace, the grid marketplace, before moving to cloud e-marketplace. The need to have rapid access to various service by different customers brought about cloud e-marketplaces. The goal of the cloud e-marketplace is to attract the biggest possible number of buyers while ensuring a reduced waiting time for customers and maximized profit for cloud service providers. Challenges like security, performance and fault tolerance are of great concern in the cloud market. While discussion on the issue of security and performance are ongoing, that of fault tolerance is yet to be fully addressed. Although some researchers have proposed the use of multiple servers in achieving the main idea of the cloud e-marketplace, different kinds of faults still affects the performance of cloud e-market. Balancing of providers’ cost and customers’ waiting time is still a major concern. Various techniques have been proposed in solving these problems. However, these techniques only work in a static environment where these servers can be faulty which may lead to long waiting time. We propose the use of Raft consensus protocol as our fault tolerant approach. We use the dynamic environment as against the already static approached already discussed in the literature. In the dynamic environment, two fault tolerant centers that are capable of surviving failure caused by server overload or congestion are used. These are primary and the reservoir centers. The Raft Consensus Protocol is used in both centers to coordinate the servers and make sure that each of the servers exist either as the leader, a candidate, or a as a follower. A waiting time counter algorithm is developed that directs customers request to the primary center when waiting time t

  • Term Abdominal Pregnancy with Live Fetus: about a Case and Review of the Literature

    Objectives: To specify the diagnostic difficulties and the criteria allowing a conservative load taking. Observation: We report a case of abdominal pregnancy with live fetus diagnosed ultrasonically at 23WA in a context of abdominal urgency on the background of secondary amenorrhea with prospective follow-up and birth at 36WA. Ultrasound is essential to diagnosis. The treatment is always surgical and the difficulty is dominated by the removal of the placenta. The fetal prognosis is reserved and the maternal mortality is not negligible. Conclusion: Abdominal pregnancy is a rare event. Her diagnosis is difficult and a conservative attitude of pregnancy is possible.

  • The Predictive Values of Percieved Self- efficacy and Perceived Social Support on Coping with HIV/AIDS’ Stigma

    This study examined the predictive power of Perceived Self-Efficacy and Perceived Social Support on Coping with HIV/AIDS’ Stigma. The study seeks to ascertain whether perceived self-efficacy and perceived social support would predict coping with HIV/AIDS’ stigma among patients. Using a sample of 152, with a total number of males 49 with percentage of 32% and females 103 with a percentage of 68%. Their ages ranged from 18-70 and a mean age of 53 years. This was a survey research and the design adopted was correlational design based on the design a multiple regression analysis was adopted as an appropriate statistical tool for analysis. The multiple regression analysis of the first hypothesis which stated that self-efficacy will significantly predict coping among HIV/AIDS’ patients was confirmed at β= .55; t= 2.47, P

  • Male infertility : immunological and clinical aspects at the University Health Center of Brazzaville

    Summary : The objective of this study is to contribute to the knowledge of the immunological and clinical aspects of the male infertility at the University Health Center of Brazzaville. Patients and methods : it was a descriptive, transversal and analytical study over a period ranging from the 1st november 2015 to the 31st october 2016. All patients with infertlity were concerned among them we distinguished between those having agglutinates of sperm in the semen on the one hand (G1) from those who did not have any (G2). So we looked for the presence of the antisperm antibodies in the two groups. Results : During the period of study, 1889 spermograms had been realised, and 67 among them were pathological approximately 3,5 % and among them there were 18% with the ASA. The patients were on average 37,4 +/- 5,8 years old, extreme (27-56 years old). They consulted after a delay of 5,3 +/3,7 years on average, extremes (1-16 years). The infertlity was primary in 50,7% and secondary in 49,3%. As far as the scrotum is concerned, the varicocele was more found in 34,3%. In the spermogram, 18 % had agglutinates of sperm against 82 %. The. oligoasthenozoospermias represented 41,8% followed by azoospermia, 20 %. The stigmata of infection have been noticed, they are alkaline PH (9,9%),many leukocytes (10%) and hyperspermia (0,9%). For the 9 patients who had sperm with antispermatozoïd antibodies, 1 patient had IgA, 2 patients had IgG and 6 patients had both IgA and IgG. The age of those having agglutinates ranged between 50 and 56 years (58,%) versus 30 and 39 years at 60 % (p˂0,05). The story of uro genital infecion was more present. The ASA were more identified in those having agglutinates in 58,33% of cases (p=0,0001). The average of the percentages of the…

  • Iran Water management study

    Water resource management is a very important issue from several angles such as development of water bodies for future, protection of available water bodies from pollution and over exploitation and to prevent disputes. A paramount issue is water-its availability, quality and management. Water Management Importance. Water Management is important since it helps determine future Irrigation expectations. Water management is the management of water resources under set policies and regulations. Water, once an abundant natural resource, is becoming a more valuable commodity due to droughts and overuse Climate change is expected to intensify the existing risks, particularly in regions where water scarcity is already a concern, as well as create new opportunities in some areas. Efforts to develop adaptation strategies for agricultural water management can benefit from understanding the risks and adaptation strategies proposed to date. This understanding may assist in developing priorities for the adaptation of water resources for irrigation. The adaptation choices consider current technological perspectives and do not project future technological change; we are certain that technological change will shape some choices for adaptation in the coming decades. The greatest scope for action is in improving adaptive capacity and responding to changes in water demands, however the implementation requires revamping current water policy, adequate training to farmers and viable financial instruments.

  • Review on Denitrification Technologies of Landfill Leachate

    The disposal of landfill leachate is a difficult problem in today’s water treatment industry. The landfill leachate contains high concentrations of ammonia nitrogen, which not only increases the difficulty of biological treatment, but also wastes a lot of ammonia energy. This paper reviews the current denitrification methods commonly used in landfill leachate, analyzes their advantages and disadvantages, and proposes the future development direction.

  • Under the background of new and old kinetic energy conversion, research on the integration and innovation of culture and packaging industry

    Under the background of new and old kinetic energy conversion, based on the traditional culture and the outer packaging industry, with the modern design concept, digital art techniques to design a combination of traditional culture and modern packaging packaging forms, to achieve innovative finished product design. And through the use of internet thinking to achieve the extension of traditional culture and the transformation of commercial value, effectively promote the upgrading of the level of traditional industries.

  • Empirical Research: Added Value of Agricultural influence on GDP, a Case of China

    Agriculture has been the foundation of the national economy since ancient times. With the development of the era, the total agricultural economy has continued to increase. The proportion of the economy is decreasing. This paper analyzes the agricultural value added by analyzing the GDP of China in 2017 (including 31 provinces). After using EViews10SV software to analysis regression, found that there is a positive correlation between agricultural added value and GDP, that is, every percentage point change in agricultural added value, GDP will increase by 0.146543 percentage points, indicating that agriculture has a positive effect on GDP growth.

  • Use of Communication Media by the Bean Farmers in Selected Areas of Pabna District in Bangladesh

    The major purposes of the study were to determine and describe some selected characteristics of the bean farmers, to determine the extent of use of communication media and to identify the factors that influence use of communication media by the bean farmers. The study was conducted in four villages of two unions under Atghoria upazilla of Pabna District. Data were collected from a random sample of 106 bean farmers by using an interview schedule during 15 Dec, 2017 to 15 Jan, 2018. Overwhelming (88.8%) of the farmers had medium to high use of communication media. Step wise multiple regression analysis indicated that knowledge on bean cultivation, training exposure, organizational participation and education had significant positive contribution with their use of communication media by the bean farmers. Overwhelming (86.8%) of bean farmers use medium to high communication media. therefore, it may be said that use of communication media by the bean farmers is a serious issue to be addressed to maximize bean cultivation.