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  • Prevalence and antibiotic resistance of Campylobacter coli and Campylobacter jejuni in Greek swine farms

    Campylobacter species are one of four key global causes of human diarrheal diseases, according to W.H.O. It is considered to be the most common bacterial cause of human gastroenteritis in the world. The objective of this study was to estimate the prevalence of Campylobacter coli (C. coli) and Campylobacter jejuni (C. jejuni) in Greek commercial swine farms, and describe the antimicrobial resistance of the isolated strains. A total of 1,000 rectal swabs (50 per farm) were collected from twenty swine farms in Greece. Ten rectal samples had been randomly collected from each of five age-groups (suckling piglets, nursery pigs, grower pigs, finisher pigs, sows). Isolation of Campylobacter spp. was performed using the ISO 10272-1:2017. A PCR method, based on the amplification of mapAC.jejuni and ceuEC.coli specific genes, was used for identification of the isolated strains. All isolates were tested for their susceptibility against gentamycin, erythromycin, ciprofloxacin, tetracycline and meropenem; EUCAST guidelines were used for the interpretation. The results showed that 16 out of the 20 farms (80%) and 491 (49%) of the samples were positive for Campylobacter spp. Prevalence of C.coli was 38% (95% CI 35.1-41.1) and of C.jejuni 10.9% (95% CI 9,1-13.0). Sows were 1.4 times more likely to be colonized by Campylobacter spp than sucking piglets (p


    The subject article is dedicated to the creation of test system for examination of students in a subject of computer science. The software testing users as well as the software on automation of creation of tests and the analysis of the tests handed over by the users are developed.

  • A Cloud-Linked Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Apparatus for Gaseous Pollutants

    Vehicles on the road are increasing in number and traffic conditions are getting worse exposing one to a plethora of diseases by going out on the traffic. People do not know the actual measure of the quality of the air they breathe outside on a regular basis, but it is of utmost importance to know of such in order to take precautionary measures. This study sought to make the quality of air known to the general public. Consequently, a microcontroller-centered device which could measure CO, NOx, and C6H6 concentrations in ambient air was developed along with a web application to display and visualize the data. The device uses a fan to sample air into an aluminum pipe containing metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors which detect and measure the gas concentrations in terms of mg/m3. An aluminum steel mesh is installed on the device’s inlet to filter out dust particles and is regularly cleaned by a vibration motor. The web application tabulates and plots data near-real-time whilst presenting the air quality index and a short-term exposure limit warning. Multiple devices can be deployed through registering in the web application. Two three-hour sampling data were gathered at dawn and in the morning along the University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus’ Portal which showed how the pollutant concentrations were low at dawn and which slowly grew higher during the transition to morning when road traffic began. Verification of the device’s readings was done through comparing its results with a private emission testing center’s exhaust gas analyzer. Air quality at the university’s portal was found to be in good condition during the monitoring periods.

  • Determinants of a Digital Divide Among Able-Bodied Older Adults: Does “Feeling Too Old” Play a Role?”

    While younger adults have embraced internet technology, older adults have lagged behind in internet adoption. An age-based digital divide has developed globally. This is a concern because digital literacy is becoming an essential, rather than an optional, skill. This paper investigates the reasons why some able-bodied older adults with access to the internet choose not to use the internet. Previous studies of the age-based digital divide have identified income and education, and perceived need, as factors that influence internet use. This paper adds to knowledge on the age-based digital divide by studying the internet behavior of able-bodied older adults with internet access (rather than all older adults) and by investigating the association between “feeling too old to use the internet” and the internet use decision. This paper offers suggestions for bridging the age-based digital divide and discusses whether this divide will continue as younger adults, who are digital natives, become older adults.

  • Adolescent Pornography: A Narrative Review

    This narrative review is based on a literature search on PsycINFO and PubMed that involved entering the terms adolescent pornography. Following exclusion criteria, 31 papers could be classified as adolescent pornography studies including research on the prevalence, effects and risk factors for pornography. Most of the studies have been conducted in other countries where the prevalence of adolescent pornography has ranged from 8%-22% for habitual use. The effects of pornography have included legal problems, permissive attitudes and unrealistic expectations regarding sex as well as problematic behaviors including victimization and assault. The predictor or risk variables have included male gender, family dysfunction and sensation-seeking. Like other literature on adolescent problems, this research is limited by primarily deriving from self–report and parent report and by the absence of longitudinal data that might inform whether the data being reported are effects of or risk factors for adolescent pornography and the need for prevention/intervention research.

  • Teacher Variable and Academic Performance of Learners in Public Elementary Schools

    Researchers agree that teachers are one of the most important school-based resources in determining students’ future academic success and lifetime outcomes, yet have simultaneously had difficulties in defining what teacher characteristics make for an effective teacher. This paper reviews the large body of literature on measures of teacher effectiveness, underscoring the diversity of methods by which the general construct of “teacher quality” has been explored, including experience, professional knowledge, and opportunity to learn. Each of these concepts comprises a number of different dimensions and methods of operationalizing. Despite a voluminous research literature on the question of teacher quality, evidence for the impact of teacher characteristics (experience and professional knowledge) on student outcomes remains quite limited. There is a smaller, but more robust set of findings for the effect of teacher support on opportunity to learn. There are measures which may be associated with higher student achievement: teacher experience, teacher professional knowledge, and teacher provision of opportunity to learn.

  • The effectiveness of a proposed training program in the development of the linguistic outcome of students of mental retardation in the first grades of the program of intellectual education in the city of Arar

    The aim of the current study was to develop the linguistic outcomes of people with a simple mental retardation (55 – 70) degree. The existence of a mentally retarded child is a problem facing the family as well as the society due to the difficulty of dealing with this child with limited abilities. The current study is of practical importance in the development of the linguistic outcome of mentally retarded children especially in the class in which the study deals and which need programs to qualify them and enrich their language. The proportion of mentally retarded in Saudi Arabia is about 3%. Use the researcher’s experimental approach to consider the relevance of this research following the experimental design and Study Tools Student data form Testing the drawing of the man to Godfn – Harris The validity of the test was verified and validated the test of the linguistic crop preparation Dalia Mostafa, Before and after training on the program until it took its final form and applied the program to the same number (17) students in the city of Arar in the first three grades in the schools of Abdullah bin Abbas and Ibn Jubair primary and indeed was investigated the first purpose of the existence of differences of statistical significance between the performance of mentally retarded students before training on the program The results also showed that there were no statistically significant differences between mentally retarded people with mental disabilities and those who were mentally retarded in the linguistic yield test in response to this program according to the results of the test.

  • Early reading skills in English as a foreign language via ICT in Vietnam: Early childhood student teacher’s perceptions

    Information and communication technology (ICT) is an effective tool which can support young children’s reading skills in English as a foreign language (EFL), while teachers’ perceptions influence their classroom practices; however, there is limited empirical evidence on students’ perceptions on the use of ICT to enhance early reading skills in EFL. This study investigated early childhood student teachers’ perceptions regarding children’s reading skills in EFL via ICT, in Vietnam. A questionnaire was administered to 100 students. Students expressed positive perceptions indicating their willingness-intention to use ICT in teaching reading in EFL to young children. The skills and strategies most reported were that they will use computers high percentage of agreement in their classrooms for the extension of children’s vocabulary and the motivation of children to read and to like reading. Students perceived as major barriers the technical support and the availability of resources. The greater the year of study, the more positive were their perceptions. Implications for early childhood pre-service teacher training and educational policy are discussed.

  • Enhanced Churn Prediction Model Based on Comparative Analysis of Data Mining Classifier Algorithm

    Churn is characterized to be the movement of customers leaving the organization and disposing of the administrations offered by it because of the disappointment of the administrations as well as better offering from other network suppliers. To carry out a comparative analysis of the existing churn management models, we study the various characteristics of existing models based on techniques used methods of data classification and feature selection processes. Based on this comparison, this study can discover various types of knowledge, including association, classification, clustering, prediction, sequential patterns and decision tree. The knowledge acquired from this comparison will then be classified into general knowledge, primitive-level knowledge, and multilevel knowledge. To model the Customer prediction, a Markov Chain Model will be used. The Markov model allows for more flexibility than most other potential models, and can incorporate variables such as non-constant retention rate, which is not possible in the simpler models. The model allows looking at individual customer relationships as well as averages, and its probabilistic nature makes the uncertainty apprehensible. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the relevant drivers of customers` churn and retention in the growing telecommunication industry especially in Nigeria and developed an enhanced predictive model to address earlier limitation of accuracy and improved churn prediction. The enhanced churn prediction model performed better than the unenhanced model. Logistic regression had better performance metric than other algorithms: neural network, Support vector machine, decision tree and random forest. Although, all the other algorithm had a high AUC but in terms of generality and simplicity logistic regression resulted in the highest AUC value on performance statistics – Accuracy, Sensitivity, Specificity. More so, the result showed that internet service, types of contract entered, internet security were major factors that influence churn.

  • Praxis of Assessment for Learning in Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Dire Dawa University

    Improving the quality of teaching and learning is an ultimate goal of continuous assessment (CA). This study attested that the perceived opportunities of continuous assessment for quality teaching and learning in Dire Dawa University, Ethiopia. To this study purpose survey research design was employed. A sample of 73 instructors and 289 students were involved in this study. The data collected through five-point Likert’s scale questionnaire was analyzed using SPSS 20 and one-sample t-test was used as data analysis method. The reliability of instruments was computed using Cronbach alpha and therefore, all instruments had presumably acceptable liability coefficients. The study found that the instructors and students have acknowledged the opportunities of CA to improve the quality of teaching and learning in HEIs. If CA is to fit for purpose the need to re-balance assessment for grading (summative assessment) and assessment for learning (formative assessment) and to design competency-based assessment rubric was recommended.