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    The quality of a film comes from all aspects. Among them, the director’s design of the lens language, the control of scene scheduling and the design of the narrative structure are very important parts of achieving a film. The film “Green Book” has attracted a lot of controversy after winning the Oscar best film, basically it is criticized from the perspective of film literature, but the film’s achievements in director art are rarely mentioned. The characters’ appearance, detailed elements and narrative structure provide an in-depth analysis of the film’s director art.

  • Obturator Internus Muscle Abscess (OIMA) Successfully Treated With CT-Guided Trans-gluteal Drainage and Antibiotics. A Case Report and Literature Review

    Background: Obturator Internus Muscle Abscess (OIMA) is a rare cause of infection around the adult hip with a handful of cases reported in the literature. The management usually consists of antibiotics and open surgical drainage. Case: We present a case of a 38-year old diabetic gentleman with an OIMA causing mass effect and shifting of intrapelvic organs. To our knowledge, this is the first case that was successfully treated with CT- guided trans-gluteal drainage and culture-specific antibiotics.

  • Using Mathematical Model to Analyze the Northward Migration of Marine Life

    This paper studies the migration of fish caused by the rise of sea water temperature caused by global warming. It is required to predict the migration sites of herring and mackerel in the next 50 years, as well as the best, worst and most likely time for small-scale fishing companies in the original area of Scotland to continue fishing, and to formulate reasonable business strategies for such companies, while taking into account the territorial waters of other countries. The grey prediction model and linear regression model are established. By querying the sea temperature in the geographic location range ( , ) from 2010 to 2018, we predict it in terms of the quarter as the time unit. Because the result of grey prediction model is not in accordance with the reality, the final data is obtained by linear regression model. According to the data analysis, the migration routes of fish are all northward, and the main direction is to migrate to the coast of Norway, but some of herring will move to the coast of Iceland later. The grey prediction algorithm and BP neural network algorithm used in this paper have been widely used in solving all kinds of practical problems in reality, so the conclusion of this paper is feasible and extensive.

  • Research status and development trend of seed-metering device in China

    As the main tool of soybean mechanization production, the performance of soybean seeder is directly related to the sowing quality and yield of soybean.As the core component of the seeder, the soybean seed-metering device directly affects the seeding accuracy, uniformity, seed emergence rate, etc.This article introduces the research status and future development trend of soybean seed-metering devices in China in recent years, analyzes the characteristics of soybean seed-metering devices in China, and provides a basis for the further development of seed metering devices in China.

  • Phytochemicals extracted from Cola nitida leaf possess antimalarial effects and improve derangements in haematological indices of Plasmodium berghei- infected mice.

    Classical antimalarial drugs such as quinine and artemisinin are both plant derived suggesting that plants are a promising source of bioactive components that can help in combating the scourge of malaria. Cola nitida leaf has been reported to possess antimalarial activity and also contain pharmacologically active phytochemicals including alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins and phenolics. The effects of these phytochemicals in mice infected with Plasmodium berghei was evaluated in this study. For each phytochemical, 7 groups (A-G) of eight mice each were used. Groups A and B served as normal and infected controls respectively. Group C was treated with 20 mg/Kg body weight of chloroquine and served as the treated control. Groups D, E and F were administered 12.5, 25 and 50 mg/kg body weight of the different phytochemicals while group F was treated with 50 mg/Kg body weight of the phytochemicals only without parasite inoculation thus serving as extract control. Treatment commenced 72 hrs after inoculation and was done once orally for four consecutive days after which parasitaemia was evaluated. All the phytochemicals were found to exhibit antimalarial activity in a dose dependent manner. The mean survival time of all the experimental groups were also prolonged in a dose dependent manner compared to that of untreated control. Similarly, all the phytochemicals improved the altered haematological indices towards normal. These phytochemicals of Cola nitida exhibited significant antimalarial activities and thus can be further studied in the search for novel antimalarial drugs.

  • Atypical Presentation of Renal Cell Carcinoma in a 47-year Old Hypertensive Female Patient – Case Report

    Characterized by a wide range of nonspecific symptoms, renal cell carcinoma tends to be found only at advanced stages or when kidney failure occurs. In this case report we describe the incidental finding of a 6 cm renal cell carcinoma in a 47-years old hypertensive female patient with peculiar symptomatology. Contrast-enhanced-US showed supplementary intratumoral necrotic areas rising the suspicion of renal carcinoma, which was confirmed by CT and histology. Incidental detection rate of renal masses has increased, ultrasound, and especially contrast-enhanced-US having an important role in its diagnosis.


    In this review article the author argues that complete presentation of various Ancient Indian methods can reduce the stress and related mental and physical illnesses like Stress anxiety, depression etc.. Life is neither Possible to overcome safely. These methods are increasing in Physical and mental health and reducing stress is an important stimulus of human growth and creativity as well an inevitable part of life.

  • Environmental Pollution- An Introduction

    Pollution is defined as introduction of harmful components into the environment and those harmful components are called pollutants. They can be natural, for example, volcanic ash, decomposition of organisms etc. or can also be created by human activity, such as dumping of waste, effluent produced by factories or emissions generated from factories, vehicles etc. They can damage the quality of air, water, and land.Many things that are useful to people produce pollution like burning coal to production of electricity pollutes the air. Industries and homes generate garbage and sewage that can pollute the land and water. Pesticides—chemical poisons used to kill weeds and insects—seep into waterways and harm wildlife.Reducing pollution requires environmental, political, and economic leadership. Developed nations must work to reduce and recycle their materials, while developing nations must work to strengthen their economies without destroying the environment. Developed and developing countries must work together toward the common goal of protecting the environment for future use. An effort has been made by the authors of the present paper to briefly highlight environmental pollution and its emergence.

  • Nasal Assessment among Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate

    The cleft lip nasal deformity has been well described in respect to the facial aesthetics and plays an important role in social interactions. Rhinoplasty for patients with CLP is of immense challenge for the basic fact of the complexity in pathology, and also variation of growth potential of individual. The surgical correction for treatment of variation in nose morphology in patients with CLP is Rhinoplasty, which becomes a challenging task, keeping in mind the difficulty in evaluating the outcome. Many methods are available in the literature for nasal assessment evaluation in patients with CLP. However due to the pros and cons of different methods, aesthetic evaluation of the nose among these patients remain problematical. The purpose of this literature review was to overview the different nasal assessment methods in patients with CLP so as to analyse and identify the most objective method for such evaluation in order plan the treatment and to compare the aesthetic results.

  • Dementia syndromes and health psychology

    The aging process is considered a worldwide phenomenon, and it is observed that the population has aged, where there is an inversion in the age pyramid resulting from the increase in life expectancy. This phenomenon has been investigated by several national and international studies. As results, there are some justifications that are being cited. Among these, are the presence of some demographic factors such as a reduction in fertilit, fecundity and mortality rate over the years, in addition, we highlight the technological advances in health and improvement in the quality of life of individuals1,2. Consequently, with the presence of these influencing factors, some studies highlight an epidemiological transition, where infectious diseases are being replaced by chronic-degenerative, as the main cause of morbidity and mortality, giving emphasis on dementia syndromes . In addition of aging, are expected physical, psychological and social changes that lead to changes in the life of each elderly. At this stage of life, in addition to chronic conditions, the decline in cognitive functions, such as changes in memory, speed of reasoning, and attention seem to take on a broader dimension. Thus, with the decline of these and other functions, several difficulties can be observed in the execution of activities of daily living of the elderly, implying difficulties in their “coming and going”, that is, in their autonomy and self-care.