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  • Synthesis of Diazine-Based Dendrimer Supported Pd/Co Bimetallic Nanoparticles and Catalytic Activity for Sonogashira Coupling Reactions

    A moisture-stable diazine-based dendrimer assisted heterogeneous bimetallic Pd/Co nanoparticles (NPs) was synthesized which showed a simple, profitable and environmentally sustainable operation for the Sonogashira reactions under copper and solvent-free conditions with regained easily and recycled four times without substantial activity loss. Furthermore, the dendrimer was analyzed by IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, and elemental analysis whereas the Pd/Co bimetallic NPs was characterized by EDX, TGA & DSC, and XRD techniques.

  • Translating the Gains of Nursing Education Reforms into Quality Clinical Practice: The Role of Nursing Leaders

    Nursing reforms in Nigeria took a quantum leap in 2018 with the alignment of nursing education with the mainstream of tertiary education in the country. Year 2023 has been scheduled for full implementation of the reform. The ultimate goal of reforms in nursing education is delivery of quality nursing care. This review was undertaken to highlight the critical roles of nursing leaders in Nigeria towards ensuring that the reforms in nursing education translate to quality nursing practice. The six critical roles discussed in the paper are expected to stimulate necessary activities towards maximizing the gains of nursing education reforms in the interest of the citizens.

  • Drivers of Food Choice among Lactating Women: The Case of Debrebirhan Town, North Shoa Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

    While access to foods and more information on healthy eating are important, decisions to adopt health-enhancing behavior of lactating women (nutritional vulnerable group) are often constrained by socio-economic barriers, personal and food related drivers that influence food choice. Therefore, this study aimed to assess drivers of food choice, & socio-economic variables associated with drivers of food choice among lactating women in Debrebirhan Town. A survey study was conducted on 423 randomly selected lactating women. Data was collected by face to face interview and analyzed via SPSS version 20. Logistic regression analysis was used to find association b/n socio-economic variables and drivers of food choice. P-value < 0.05 was taken as statistically significant. Influences of religion, price, preparation convenience, health value and taste during food choice were responded by above half of women (92%, 84%, 83%, 66% & 56%). From multivariate analysis of binary logistic regression, influence of mood in food choice was associated to age (15-25 and 26-35 years) and estimated monthly income (≤3500 vs.>3500 ETB) with AOR (95%CI) of 3.24(1.3-8.08), 3.95(1.85-8.4) and 1.83(1.03-3.24). Age (15-25 & 26-35 years) was associated to choosing of foods for weight management with AOR (95%CI) of 2.64(1.12-6.22) and 3.52(1.66-7.43). 15-25 years’ age and self-employee were linked to religion influence in food choice with AOR (95%CI) of 0.09(0.01-0.48) and 4.13(1.4-12.24). Age (15-25 & 26-35 years), education (no, primary & secondary) and being housewife were associated to choosing of foods for their health value with AOR (95%CI) of 0.26(0.12-0.6), 0.37(0.18-0.76), 0.14(0.04-0.42), 0.25(0.13-0.54), 0.33(0.17-0.66) and 2.5(1.23-5). Avoidance of foods for nutrient content was related to age (15-25 &26-35 years) with AOR (95%CI) of 6.75(2.77-16.5) and 5.77(2.7-12.32). Primary education and being housewife were associated to ingredient contents of foods during selection with AOR (95%CI) of 0.29(0.14-0.6) and 2.24(1.15-4.35). Only family size (2-4 vs.>4 persons) was associated with price…

  • Clinical Evaluation of Self Ligating Versus Conventional Ligating Preadjusted Edgewise Brackets- A Prospective Clinical Study

    Objective: The prospective study was taken up with null hypothesis that there is no difference clinically in treatment efficiency and gingival condition before start of treatment & twelve months after bonding in SLB and CLB system. Materials and Methods: This clinical study include 30 patients, divided into two groups of 15 each were included in the present study. Intraoral photos and study models taken at pre-treatment (T0), 5 weeks (T1), 10 weeks (T2) and 15 weeks (T3). Initial alignment was assessed by using the Little irregularity index (LII) in the mandibular anterior teeth. The subjects were also examined for bleeding potential of the tissues by using Gingival Index (GI). Results: The mean initial irregularity (MII) score for SLB T0, T5, T10 and T15 was 5.867, 2.252, 0.516 and 0.039. MII score for CLB T0, T5, T10 and T15 was 6.000, 3.630, 1.589 and 0.327. A two sample t-test revealed gap of 4.02% was statistically significant (T= 2.80, 0.012). This data suggests that total alignment change of mandibular arch from T 0 to T 15 was better in SLB compared to CLB group. The mean increase of GI with SLB system was 0.183 while for CLB were equal to 0.98. This difference of GI between SLB and CLB before and after twelve months of bonding was statistically significant (T= -2.96, P value=0.010). Conclusion: The present study could facilitate the orthodontist to compare the potential benefits of SLB over the CLB system that facilitate less gingival bleeding and increase in alignment efficiency.

  • Knowledge about Emergency Management of Avulsed Tooth Amongst Medical Students: a Questionnaire Based Study

    Introduction: Dental avulsion is an emergency that could happen anytime, anywhere and medical health professionals are the first to whom parents usually take their children to seek emergency treatment. Therefore, medical health professionals should have adequate basic knowledge regarding its management. Aim: This study was conducted to assess basic knowledge regarding emergency management of avulsed tooth amongst medical students. Method: This cross-sectional questionnaire based survey was carried out amongst 150 medical students consisting of customized 10 multiple choice questions based on basic knowledge about and preferred methods of managing avulsed tooth. Results: The results showed that most of them knew what avulsion is but almost 50% of them responded that they will refer or call for help from Dental surgeon. Only 30% had knowledge about basic and first aid management that is immediate repositioning of avulsed tooth in its socket. Conclusion: The medical students have inadequate knowledge about primary management of avulsion. They should be trained in this aspect so that they can manage such emergencies if Dental Surgeon is not available.

  • Discussion on the Design of Cultural Commercial Complex—Taking a design of a cultural and commercial complex next to a university in Yichang as an example

    As the social economy develops faster and faster, the functions of commercial complex buildings become more and more diverse. It is not only a place to shop, but also a place to gather a place of popularity. Therefore, in addition to providing a shopping place, it also has the function of providing a gathering place for leisure and entertainment, and can become a landmark building of a city. Therefore, we hope that through the analysis of the design features of this work, a complete and detailed architectural design idea for the design of such commercial complexes can be proposed.

  • Elderly architectural design based on humanized concept—Take the design of a nursing home in Yichang, hubei province as an example

    This nursing home architectural design is based on a human perspective.The article elaborates on the corresponding design of the building to meet the psychological needs and living habits of the elderly.This is to help to explore how to design a qualified nursing home that meets the physical and mental needs of the elderly in today’s social situation.

  • On the climate adaptability design of hot summer and cold winter regions-Taking the design works of Huzhai Sanjia Kindergarten in Lancao County as an example

    This article takes the example of the 8th China Dream Township-Product Creative Design Competition in 2019, the three-parent kindergarten in Huzhai Village, Lankao County, Kaifeng City as an example. According to the local climate characteristics, architectural forms, building materials and other aspects combined with ecological design means to create a suitable summer. Green kindergartens with climatic conditions in hot winter cold regions. The design mainly starts with the contradiction between kindergarten use and regional climate. Through the optimization design of environment design, layout optimization, lighting and ventilation optimization and material adoption, an ecological design method is proposed for rural kindergartens in hot summer and cold winter regions.

  • Regional cultural expression of cultural architecture—Take the design works of Yichang History and Culture Theme Exhibition Hall as an example

    Cultural buildings have distinct regional characteristics. How to make them have regional characteristics is an important point to judge the success or failure of a cultural building design. Take Yichang City’s cultural architecture design as an example to explore how regional cultural characteristics are reflected in the architecture. From the aspects of humanities and natural environment, we provide an in-depth analysis of the cultural design of local characteristics, and discuss the specific application of different factors in the design of stylistic architecture.

  • Hydroethanolic extract of Theobroma cacao beans is non toxic and attenuates oxydative stress induced by Naphtalene in Wistar rats

    Background: Oxidative stress is a situation where the cell no longer controls the excessive presence of toxic oxygen radicals. Many human diseases have a strong relationship with oxidative stress due to an imbalance between antioxidants and pro-oxidants. The objective of this study is to evaluate the in vivo antioxidant capacity of Theobroma cacao (T.cacao) beans extract and its acute toxicity. Methods: T. cacao beans were collected in the Obala locality (Center Cameroon) and then subjected to hydroethanolic extraction (70:30) at pH 3. The in vivo oxidative stress induction was done using naphthalene at 110 mg / kg and different doses of extracts (50 mg / kg, 100 mg / kg, and 200 mg / kg) were orally administered to rats. Some oxidative stress parameters helped to evaluate the antioxidant potential of the extract (superoxide dismutase (SOD), reduced glutathione (GSH) and malondialdehyde (MDA)). In addition, the acute toxicity of T. cacao was evaluated by the methods recommended by the ODCE. Test groups received respectively the extract at different doses (5000 mg / kg and 2000 mg / kg) against 10% of DMSO and distilled water as neutral controls. Hepatic function was assessed using transaminase assays (ASAT, ALAT), proteins and histological sections. Also the blood count allowed to explore the haematological function. Results: The administration of different doses of extracts or vitamin C as standard significantly increased GSH levels as well as antioxidant enzymes (SOD, CAT) and a significant decrease in MDA in studied organs and serum of animals compared to pro-oxidant control. ALAT and ASAT activities did not significantly vary in rats compared to neutral controls. No deaths and hepatic injuries were observed at different doses of the extracts. Conclusion: The extract of T. cacao beans possess in vivo antioxidant capacities capable of protecting tissues against oxidative stress and toxicity in…