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    A pre-auricular sinus will rarely present in coexistence with a post-auricular dermoid cyst. The coexistence of a discharging pre-auricular sinus with a post-auricular dermoid cyst presents a diagnostic challenge. Without meticulous history taking and physical exam, one would subject the patient to aggressive and unwarranted investigation and management modalities as though the infected post-auricular dermoid cyst were a mastoid abscess. We present a 15-year-old male who presented to the ENT clinic of Mulago National Referral Hospital and was diagnosed with an infected pre-auricular sinus with an infected post-auricular dermoid cyst.

  • Assessment the effect of the use of bisphosphonates on dental implant rehabilitation and peri-implant tissues

    Background: Long-term use of bisphosphonates (BP) has been associated with the risk of BP-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (BRONJ). The number of post-menopausal women receiving BP therapy for osteoporosis continues to increase as the life expectancy increases. Dental implant rehabilitations have progressed over the years. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the peri-implant conditions of patients taking oral or intravenous (IV) BPs. Methods: This was a retrospective study using an ORACLE database search by means of a Procedural Language/Structured Query engine. Fifty female patients with dental implant rehabilitations and taking bisphosphonates, and fifty female patients with dental implants but not taking BP were evaluated. Peri-implant health and rehabilitation conditions were collected and statistics analyzed. Results: Data analysis revealed a strong indication (p

  • The effect of Import Solid Waste Ban on China’s Economy and Environment based on Grey Prediction Model

    In order to explore the impact of imported solid waste ban on China’s economy and environment, a grey prediction model was established in this paper. GDP, comprehensive income from the utilization of waste resources, the number of imported solid waste treatment enterprises, and the discharge of polluting waste gas and waste water were selected as the indicators to measure the economy and environment. The model was used to predict the data of the unreal garbage ban and compare it with the data after the actual implementation, and get the proportion of the impact on China’s economy and environment after the introduction of the policy. The results showed that before and after the promulgation of the ban on foreign waste, China’s environmental pollution had improved significantly, the total exhaust gas emissions have been reduced by 34.1%, and the number of imported waste enterprises had decreased by 66.1%, stimulating the rise of the domestic waste utilization industry, and the overall domestic economy had grown steadily.


    Recent international epidemics of coronavirus-associated illnesses underscore the urgent medical and public health need for vaccine development and regulatory body approved therapies. In particular, the current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has quickly intensified interest in developing treatment options to mitigate impact on human life. Remdesivir (GS-5734™) is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug that is now being tested as a potential treatment for COVID-19 in international, multi-site clinical trials. Currently available evidence about the antiviral effects of remdesivir against to accumulate before the clinical trials are concluded. It is imperative for public health practitioners and the One Health community to stay up to date on the most promising potential therapeutic options that are under investigation. Thus, the purpose of this review is to synthesize the knowledge to date about remdesivir as a therapeutic option for coronaviruses, with a special focus on information relevant to the One Health community


    Rationality is not a phenomena restricted to drugs It is also included in behavioral, psychological mythological spiritual and religious elements. Every aspect of health as per WHO health definition affects the treatment process of illness to restore health. This review is based on rationality as per the union therapy concept/ Sayojyachikitsa which aims to integrate various aspects of rationality and aims to integrate supernatural mythological and scientific aspects of rationality and devised 15 R to make treatment comprehensively holistic. This would make therapy accessible acceptable on global scale. This would help to use drugs in COVID -19 threat where in addition to clinical elements behavioral, psychological mythological spiritual and religious elements of rational drug use can play a vital role.

  • CT Image Reconstruction Method Based on Filtered Back Projection Algorithm

    This paper used the relevant knowledge of electronic computer tomography image reconstruction to solve the problem of CT system parameter calibration and imaging algorithm. Through geometric analysis, a target optimization model was established. The parallel beam filtering back-projection algorithm was used to solve the problem based on the information received by the detector unit. The image reconstruction model was used to obtain the position information of the medium. Finally, image stability was verified by noise processing.

  • Analysis of Solvent Effect on Formation Constants and Speciation of Cobalt(II), Copper(II) and Lead(II) Complexes of L-Methionine and Uracil

    The analysis of coordination of chelating agents to metal ions in the formation of complexes under different experimental conditions provide information on the effects of the conditions on the extent of the coordination of the ligands to the metal ions for potential applications in bioinorganic and environmental Inorganic Chemistry. The effect of solvent on the coordination of L-methionine (primary ligand) and uracil (secondary ligand) to Co(II), Cu(II) and Pb(II) ions in the formation of binary and ternary complexes have been potentiometrically investigated in water and 40% (v/v) ethanol- water media at 27 °C and ionic strength of 0.02 mol dm–3was maintained by using NaNO3. The proton-ligand stability constants and formation constants of the binary and ternary systems were established under the experimental conditions. The formation constants of the ternary complexes were numerically compared with the corresponding binary complexes in terms of Δ log K and percentage relative stabilization (%RS). Speciation of the metal ions, binary and ternary complexes as a function of pH in the solutions was investigated by using HYSS program. The ligands were observed to form more stable ternary complexes than binary complexes. The proton-ligand stability constants the ligands and the formation constants of the metal complexes were found to be higher in 40% (v/v) ethanol-water than water. The distribution of the species revealed a decrease in the metal ion concentrations with increase in the concentrations of the binary and ternary as pH increased. The chelating agents interacted strongly with the metal ions and showed different selectivity towards the metals ions. These properties can be exploited in combating metal poisoning, separating the metals and expounding the bioinorganic chemistry of the metal ions and the ligands.

  • Heat Stress Nephropathy and Cardiovascular Surgery-Associated Renal Failure: Similarities and Implications

    Climate changes associated with global warming are producing challenges increasingly relevant to clinicians. Rising temperatures and extended heat waves are associated with a growing incidence of a recently described condition termed heat sensitivity nephropathy. Considering all causes of acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease, those producing renal dysfunction consequent to cardiovascular surgery may most closely overlap those tied to kidney disease following excessive chronic or acute heat exposure. In this review, heat sensitivity nephropathy and cardiovascular surgery related renal injury are characterized and compared. While both are global in distribution, the former has highest prevalence in remote, rural areas and difficult to study and quantify. Renal injury following cardiovascular surgery, occurring by contrast in relatively controlled settings, is more amenable to evaluation of diagnostic approaches, prognostic indicators, and potential treatments. Such findings may ultimately apply not only to surgically-related kidney damage but to heat sensitivity nephropathy as well. Despite many studies addressing post-cardiovascular surgery renal failure, no single management method has emerged as definitively superior. Nonetheless, reasonably standardized worldwide conduct of cardiac and vascular surgery provides fertile conditions for research that could lead to improved diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Such findings may ultimately apply to not only surgically-related renal injury but perhaps also to heat sensitivity nephropathy. Instead of anticipating discovery of major isolated preventative or treatment methods applicable to either cause of renal failure, it is more realistic that a series of marginally successful measures employed in combination will engender the most nearterm progress. Potentially complimenting currently available options is biomarker analysis that may better guide both renal injury diagnosis and treatment efficacy assessment.


    Plantain seedlings availability in sub-Saharan countries are very weak to support a high productivity level required. The plantain cultivation faces problem of the seedling’s unavailability in quantity and quality for intensification of this crop. The amendment of PIF substrate production with natural products could be an alternative to this problem. This study objective is to evaluate the effect of vertical layers of Tithonia diversifolia flakes on the performance of PIF plantain seedlings in terms of vegetative growth and susceptibility to black Sigatoka disease (BSD) in nursery. The vertical layer of T. diversifolia flakes amendment was introduced in the propagator in the presence of the control without amendment in controlled and uncontrolled conditions for shoots, then seedlings generation, followed by the evaluation of the vegetative growth parameters, the inoculation of the leaves with Mycosphaerella fijiensis and the pool of biomarkers evaluation. The treatment increases the germination rate, the number of shoots, the height and the diameter of shoots, the area of leaves as well as the seedlings roots, but also protects the seedlings against BSD up to about 56% compared to the controls. It also enhances the accumulation of proteins, polyphenols content and enzymes such as peroxidase, polyphenoloxidase and glucanase. The dual role of the vertical layer of T. diversifolia flakes in seedling production as a biofertilizer and as a biopesticide was revealed in this research. Taking into account this bad herbs flakes as a tool for sustainable and green agriculture is an open door to poor peasants for their empowerment.

  • Position of the Rural Elderly in Familial Decision Making: A Sociological Study

    Previously the elderly had authoritarian role in familial decision making process. Now it depends on many associated factors. This study explored the position of the rural elderly in familial decision making process. Mixed approach has been given priority. Data have been collected from primary and secondary sources. The study found that position of elderly in familial decision making process is unsatisfactory. That is, position as head of the family, involvement in buying and selling something, dependency on their sons in receiving treatment, invitation of relatives in different socio-religious occasions, taking part in rural arbitration, taking part in resolving familial disputes, influencing in election, compelling members to do work according to wishes etc. are not satisfactory. This study may help the academicians to conduct more empirical studies to understand this crucial reality and help the policy makers to take appropriate policy for the welfare of the elderly.