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  • Prosopis cineraria (Ghaf): An Unconventional Desert protein rich supplement

    Prosopis cineraria (Ghaf) is not well known as a rich and sustainable source of protein for many people in the world. It emphasis on its broad food and non-food applications, nutritional values and health benefits. This research was carried out to meet the increasing demand of protein, alternative strategies and unconventional sources of protein for human and animal nutrition. This is probably the first research work which provides a comparative study between the protein content of ghaf leaves with different species of fish muscle protein. Fish muscle homogenate was prepared using ice cold distilled water. The muscle homogenate of Euthynnus affinis showed highest protein 137.5 mg/g. The other fishes muscle protein were Carangoides chrysophrys (43.33 mg/g), Lenthrinus lentjan (105 mg/g), Sardinella longiceps (104.17 mg/g), Pomacanthus maculosus (81.67 mg/g), Nemipterus japonicus (111.67 mg/g), Lutjanus ehrenbergi (99.17 mg/g), Gerres oyena (107.5 mg/g), Argyrops spinifer (100.83 mg/g), Terrapin jarboe (82.5 mg/g), Tilapia mossambica (54.72 mg/g). Ghaf tree is a keystone species having multiple beneficial uses from combating desertification and improving soil fertility in arid environments to being an essential food source, as well as a source of fuel, shelter and medicine for both humans and animal species. The Ghaf leaves extracts were tested for protein content analysis. The protein content in Ghaf leaves was found to be 88.61 mg/g. Thus, the research results revealed that Ghaf leaves has almost similar amount of protein as compared to fish muscle protein and can be used as protein supplement for growth and metabolism of body.

  • A Brochure Describing the Drama of Rumelian Turks: Bulgaristan’daki Osmanlıların Âh ü Figânı

    As of the end of the 18th century and parallel to the Ottoman Empire’s decline, the Rumelian Turks who had inhabited Balkan lands for centuries began to suffer persecution at the hands of Balkan Christians and the unrest they created. While paving the way for Bulgarian and Russian aggression towards Balkan Turks, the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78 also triggered the initial migrations towards Istanbul and Anatolia. As stated in Namık Kemal’s letters, Balkan Christians were further agitated against Turks, and separatist activity increased. The Balkan War of 1912-1913 and the purge of Balkan Turks and Muslims carried out by Bulgarian and Greek guerillas in this war have been recorded in domestic and foreign sources. Further evidence that such practices preceded the Balkan Wars is the 14-page brochure titled Bulgaristan’daki Osmanlıların Âh ü Figanı, published in 1906. This brochure describes the various acts of aggression carried out towards the Turks in Bulgaria. Attacks against Turkish writers and the Balkan newspaper that was published in Turkish and defended the rights of Muslim Turks are also touched upon. This study will introduce the brochure titled Bulgaristan’daki Osmanlıların Âh ü Figanı, which we will evaluate within the scope of a cautionary/propagandistic/informative work.


    The previous chronic instability of the knee is a secondary progressive disease in the break of the previous crossed ligament (LCA) hiring the functional forecast of the lower and compromising limb sports activity. The objective of our job is to assess the clinical results of the surgical treatment of the breaks of LCA according to the Technology of DIDT under arthroscopie with a femoral fixing by the system of the ultrabutton and to analyse the interest of this last in international series and magazine of literature We report a series of 17 patients who introduced a previous chronic laxity, performed by arthroplasty of the hamstrings tendon (right internal DIDT – half tendon) arthroscopy of ACL, collected over a period of 12 months. Femoral fixation was provided by the endobutton system. After a medium detachment of 8 months, and according to the score of objective International Knee Material Committee (IKDC) the total score of IKDC showed 91 % of our patients belonging to the group A, 7 % in the group B, 2 % to the group C and 0 % to the group D.


    Subtalar dislocations are uncommon limb lesion representing 1% of all dislocations that occurs in polytraumatism context. We here report the case of a young patient presenting with sports-related internal astragalo-scapho-calcaneal dislocation. The patient underwent orthopedic treatment with good clinical and radiological outcome

  • Assessing the Impact of Garbage Classification on China’s Economic Environment

    This article mainly studies the impact of waste classification on China’s economy and environment. For the economy, the annual per capita waste removal volume, waste disposal cost, and waste disposal profit from 2008 to 2017 were selected as the three input indicators, and GDP was used as the output value. A BP neural network model based on GM (1,1) was established. The GM (1,1) model is used to predict the values of the three indicators in the next five years. The relationship between GDP and the three input indicators is determined using the BP neural network. The three indicators are substituted into the model to obtain the GDP in the next five years. value. As for the environment, the number of resource processing plants, resource processing capacity, and resource processing capacity are selected as three input indicators, and the per capita green space area is used to measure the impact on the environment. The same method is used to predict the per capita public green area in the next five years. The results show that garbage classification will have a beneficial impact on China’s economy and environment, but the impact will weaken year by year.

  • Effects of Different Environmental Factors and Hydrological Conditions on Fish Reproduction

    Reproduction is an important life activity of fish. At the current stage, due to changes in the environment and the impact of human activities, the reproduction of fish has been greatly affected. If its reproduction performance is severely damaged, it means that it will Unable to reproduce, its number will continue to decrease, or even die. Therefore, the study of fish reproduction is not only conducive to protecting species diversity, maintaining the stability of fish populations, but also maintaining the balance of the aquatic ecosystem. This article focuses on the effects of environmental factors such as light, environmental hormones in water, and hydrological conditions such as flow rate and temperature on fish reproduction.

  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Breast Medical Imaging Diagnosis

    According to the latest report on urban cancer in China published in 2017: China is one of the countries with the fastest growing incidence of breast cancer, and the age of onset has gradually become younger. Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients in China account for 12.2% of new breast cancer patients worldwide, and the mortality rate is 9.6%. A large amount of clinical experience has proven that the survival rate of breast cancer detected at an early stage is significantly higher than that detected at an advanced stage. Imaging examination is an important method for early detection of breast cancer. With the advent of the Artificial Intelligent, the method of AI + medical imaging has been widely used in lungs, breasts, heart, skull, liver, prostate, bones and other parts. Methods used in breast cancer screening include: breast self-examination and clinical physical examination, mammography of mammography of the breast, ultrasound of the breast, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the breast. The advantages and disadvantages have been reflected in the development and application in recent years. This article will review the advantages and disadvantages of combined diagnosis of AI and breast medicine. It is hoped that the artificial intelligence of medical imaging screening for breast diseases has a brighter and broader prospect.

  • Research on Fire Behavior of Ship Engine Room

    Due to the need for high performance and reduced commercial cost of ownership, and due to many outstanding advantages such as high strength and light weight, steel has been widely used in engineering practice. In the case of fire, in order to prevent and protect these structures, it is the key issue to study the fire behavior environment. The engine room is also the source of power for ships. It is a high-risk area with frequent fires. Therefore, this paper mainly uses FDS to conduct numerical simulation research through a scaled-down engine room with a size of 3m×3m×3.5m. The change of temperature, pressure and smoke movement in the closed cabin with time at a fire source height of 1.5m is studied. The research shows that the fire behavior inside the closed cabin conforms to the two-zone model, and the fire suppression method of the closed fire has its significant advantages, And looked for the best time to reopen the cabin and the location of subsequent repair structures.

  • Application of Reverse Car-seeking in Large Underground Parking Lot Based on A Star Algorithm: A Real Case

    In order to solve the problems of low utilization rate of large parking lots and low efficiency of parking turnover, it is proposed to use A-star algorithm to plan the shortest path for finding a car, and run it in Android system to realize reverse car-searching. By analyzing the current situation of large underground parking lot barriers, A-star algorithm converts the starting point to the destination route into the corresponding parking space to the destination parking space path, calculates the optimal path and provides real-time path car navigation for the vehicle owner. According to the path searched by the A-star algorithm in the Android system, the time spent by the user to blindly search for the vehicle is largely saved, and the parking space utilization rate and the parking turnover rate are effectively improved. Therefore, the research has certain application value in the large parking lots.

  • Nutritional and Anti-nutritional Composition of two Agroforestry tree species

    Savanna biome is endowed with many tree species bearing edible fruits, seeds and nuts for human consumption. These fruits play an important role in human nutrition owing to their nutritional values, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and low anti-nutritional factors. The nutritional and anti-nutritional composition of Adansonia digitata and Parkia biglobosa pulp and seeds from guinea savanna eco-system were examined in this study. The nutritional and anti-nutritional composition of the fruits differs. Moisture content was higher (11-18%) in the fruit pulp than in the seeds while the seeds of the two species are rich in protein (16-20%). Parkia biglobosa seeds proved a better source of crude fat (13%), crude fiber (10%), the ash content was slightly higher (4-5%) in the seeds than the fruit pulp. Crude fat (7.91%), crude fibre (7.52%) was higher in Adansonia digitata seed than the fruit pulp. Anti-nutritional content of Adansonia digitata and Parkia biglobosa was generally low, indicating that their consumption would not pose nutritional or health challenges. However the higher anti-nutritional factor in the seeds could be reduces through appropriate processing techniques.