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    Introduction: Drug poisonings arise due to complex mechanisms and the high rate of these events in our country is multifactorial, among them a wide variety of formulations, the proliferation of drugstores, prescription errors and pharmaceutical dispensing, allied to a weakness in the ability to supervise. Objective: To evaluate the occurrence of drug poisoning in children, identifying the main classes and factors involved. Methodology: This was a descriptive study, such as literature review. The following search descriptors “intoxication”, “medicines” and “children” were searched, integrated in the SCIELO and MEDLINE databases. Results: Cases of drug poisoning in children aged 0 to 9 years represent 33% of the total cases. Although the main cause is attempted suicide in the child population, the highest incidence was due to accidents, or after a medical prescription, with errors in administration. The main drugs involved were nasal decongestants, bronchodilators, analgesics and anti-inflammatories. Conclusion: The occurrence of drug intoxications is frequently recorded in health systems, and the percentages are higher in children, so it is of utmost importance that the teaching about the use of medicines is carried out from the earliest years of life.


    Introduction: Gene signaling is an essential input for successful embryonic events. Through gene transport pathways, such as the Wnt / β-catenin pathway, embryonic developments are orchestrated harmoniously with the other physiological functions. Objective: This is an integrative literature review in order to analyze the scientific evidence the participation of the Wnt family in embryonic events. Methodology: An extensive review was performed on the Lilacs, PubMed and SciELO databases with full articles published in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Results and Discussion: Wingless (Wnt) belongs to the group of molecular flags, from a family of genes that act in various embryonic processes. The phenotypes of mutant embryos revealed that these genes act on the morphogenesis of numerous tissues and organs. Wnts are part of a family of signaling proteins and participate in autocrine and paracrine mechanisms, determination of gonads, cancer, glioblastoma, as well as the pathway involved in cellular communication, environmental micro-modulation and immune response. Conclusion: Cellular and molecular events depend on signaling pathways that are controlled by the Wnt family of genes, which participate in prenatal and postnatal embryonic events.

  • Determining Site Location to Find Shortest Path Based on Multi-objective Decision Model

    This paper studies the problem of site selection and tour route, establishes multi-objective decision model and optimizes the line model, uses the Floyd algorithm and uses MATLAB and lingo to program to provide the optimal scheme of site selection and tour route respectively. A single-target optimization model was established, a minimum value function was established for the total distance after weighting, the shortest path length of any two communities was calculated using the Floyd algorithm, and the site of the water and electricity payment was obtained to facilitate residents to pay the utility bill. By establishing the constraint optimization line model, the shortest path of any two residential areas is obtained by The Floyd algorithm, establish the shortest path spanning tree whose root is residential area no.6, and the regions are divided, then optimal tour is obtained.

  • Maintenance of Bullet Train Based on Mathematical Planning and Workshop Scheduling

    Nowadays, bullet train service stations often suffer from the phenomenon of low operating efficiency due to the unreasonable arrangement of bullet trains that stay in service stations for too long. In order to solve this problem, based on the information of bullet train arrival in two periods of a bullet train service station, this paper comprehensively considered the input source, queuing rules and overhaul intensity of the train service system, determined the objective function and multiple constraint conditions, and established the 0-1 programming model and Uncorrelated Parallel Machine Optimization Model. The model established in this paper can relieve the load pressure of bullet train service station to a great extent, improve the operation efficiency of the service station under the condition of ensuring the maintenance quality of bullet train, and provide theoretical basis for realizing the shortest maintenance time of bullet train service station.


    INTRODUCTION: Epstein’s pearls and Bohn’s nodules are characterized as inclusion cysts of the newborn, resulting from epithelial remnants that were trapped during the fusion of palatal processes. They are asymptomatic and transient cystic lesions and, therefore, do not require treatment by means of drugs or surgical intervention. This issue is problematic, since dental or pediatric professionals find it difficult to accurately identify and diagnose the cyst, failing to inform parents who are often distressed to realize the pathology. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this paper is to develop an integrative literature review to analyze whether, in fact, Bohn’s nodules and Epstein pearls are the most common congenital oral lesions in newborns. METHODOLOGY: Articles indexed in SciELO, PubMed / Medline and Lilacs. The keywords used were: Epstein’s pearls, Bohn’s nodules, newborn, prevalence, palatine cysts, gingival cysts. As inclusion criteria, complete articles published in the last 10 years, in the Portuguese and English languages and that answered the research question. We found 23 articles and after applying the inclusion criteria, we selected 17 articles, 9 of which formed the present abstract, using them to explore the content. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: Epstein’s pearls and Bohn’s nodules appeared in the literature as high frequency oral abnormalities among newborns. The data obtained in the base articles took age, location and gender as criteria, with differences between their percentages. Despite this dissonance, research has always resulted in about 50% more cases, compared to other congenital oral abnormalities. Thus, there is a comparative table between the studies that shows the results more easily in order to make explicit the prevalence of these cystic oral lesions. No evidence was found on causes related to these pathologies, only embryological origin, and further research is needed. CONCLUSION: Based on the findings, it is noticeable the prevalence of Epstein Pearls and Bohn’s…


    Background: Child hospitalization has a direct impact on the life of children who move away from a school, leisure and social routine, experiencing biopsychosocial repercussions. University extension projects in the hospital context can contribute to humanization and mental health prevention actions, as well as to develop professional skills of undergraduate health extension students. Objective: To develop reflections on the contribution of the Storytelling Project in pediatrics in a Recife hospital to train medical students. Methodology: Experience report. Results and discussion: In the project in question, medical students interact with students from pharmacy, psychology, nursing from the training activity and in the experience exchange meetings. In the child’s approach to storytelling in the ward and pediatric emergency room, they experienced welcoming each other, dedicating their time to the patient, making choices when selecting books and narrating them, the ability to communicate and interact. inserting the child in the plot read. This was an activity that required calmness, availability for the other, adjusting their time to the rhythm, physical conditions and illness of the patient. Thinking of a professional future as doctors, it was reflected that it will be necessary to welcome and tell “stories” to patients, whether as surgeries happened, or as a treatment, or what is a disease. This experience posed the students facing the challenge of dealing with the other’s cognitive and emotional reaction, dealing with resistance to participate, facing competition from the technological world, which makes it difficult to perform calmly in the hospital, as people are always in a hurry and involved in our world of chores and social networking. Final Considerations: Thus, it is believed that in the future, this project will impact the formation of students from various areas of higher health courses, highlighting the need to devote attention, welcome and fully care for the…


    Introduction Benzodiazepines (BZD) are drugs that act directly on the central nervous system, altering cognitive and psychomotor aspects. In Brazil, it is the third class of most prescribed drugs, being used by approximately 4% of the population. The restricted, rational and short-term use of benzodiazepines is not observed on a large scale by professionals who attend the Ipaumirim Family Health Strategy, due to the high number of people who just want the revenue renewal. General Objective: To develop an action plan to promote the reduction of drug abuse controlled by users of the Ipaumirim Family Health Strategy – CE. Methodology: This is an intervention project that consists of an action proposal to face a real problem. The interventions were performed at the Basic Health Unit of Ipaumirim – CE, from June 18 to August 16, 2018 with evaluation every three months, with 36 users. Identification was performed through medical records, interviews in routine consultations. Results: the lack of information from users was clear, resulting in changes in actions involving primary care to alternative treatments such as physical activity, food reeducation and psychotherapy, stimulating actions such as the booklet, an organizational basis, since it does not have the horus system. Conclusion: the study effectively allowed the development of a new health promotion strategy.


    Introduction: Since 1990 the standard treatment for toxoplasmosis has remained the same. The therapy is based on a synergistic combination of pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine, drugs that promote synthesis blockade and decrease of tachyzoite folic acid levels. This therapy acts only on the tachyzoite forms of the parasite, not affecting bradyzoites present in tissue cysts that persist in the individual during the chronic phase and not preventing possible disease reagudization even after treatment. Given the high seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in the general population and the serious complications that this infection may bring to the patient, a safe and effective treatment against all morphological forms is necessary. The repositioning of drugs main objective is to use substances already marketed to treat other diseases. Thus, Atovaquone, which is an antimalarial of the naphthoquinone group recently accepted by the FDA and isn’t yet part of the routine treatment protocols employed for toxoplasmosis, should be studied, as recent studies show its activity against tachyzoites and also against bradyzoites, representing a huge advantage over the drugs currently used. It also does not interfere with folic acid metabolism, proving to be a promising drug in the treatment of pregnant women. Objective: The present study aims to evaluate the effects of atovaquone on T. gondii strains RH and ME49 (type I and type II, respectively) in vitro. Methodology: In quintuplicate, murine RAW 264.7 macrophages were used in six-well culture plates with 3mL of supplemented RPMI medium, where 200.000 cells were seeded and incubated at 37°C, 5% de CO2 for 24 hours. After this period, the culture was infected with 1×106 tachyzoites/well of each strain analyzed and simultaneously treated with 100 nM Atovaquone. The parasites were analyzed by optical microscopy and quantified in a Neubauer chamber at 24h, 48h, 72h and 7 days. Results: For the RH strain, the…

  • Romantic breakup distress in university students: A narrative review

    This narrative review of literature on romantic breakup distress and recovery includes studies on the effects of this distress, risk and protective factors for breakup distress and interventions. The effects include sadness, anger and broken heart syndrome. The risk factors for breakup distress include being the “dumpee” versus the “dumper”, internet surveillance of the “dumper”, having been in a spiritual relationship, intrusive thoughts, an orientation towards future relationships or a fear of being single, having the relationship as part of your identity or your self-worth and experiencing social constraints like criticism. Protective factors include having been more committed to the relationship and then continuing to experience closeness in that relationship but also having a rebound relationship. Effective interventions include a writing task describing the breakup, online group discussions of the breakup and tryptophan for its serotonin-enhancing properties. Limitations of this literature include lack of generalizability from the mostly female university student samples and potentially biased self-report data.

  • Optimal Solution in Generator Selection

    This paper focuses on the application of nonlinear programming in solving the optimal selection strategy of generator. A nonlinear programming model for optimal scheme selection was established. Comparative analysis, numerical combination analysis and sensitivity analysis were used to solve the problem, and MATLAB, LINGO and other software were used to assist the calculation. According to the actual background provided in this paper, it can be concluded that the minimum cost of this factory in a week of power failure is 1868443.7 yuan without charging. If the remaining 20% of the battery is taken into account, the minimum charge is 2575502.0 yuan. After obtaining the results, the sensitivity analysis was carried out to improve the practicability of the results.