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  • Survey of the Seaweeds of the Beach of Pina, Recife Pernambuco

    The constant interference of human activities has had direct and indirect impacts on aquatic environments with consequences for water quality for aquatic biota and the functioning of ecosystems, thereby reducing the ability to use. This study aimed to describe the qualitative and quantitative variation of species of macroalgae from Praia do Pina, Recife-PE, in the rainy season and drought. The collections were made in August 2007 (rainy season) and January 2008 (period of drought). Data on the occurrence of macroalgae were collected by snorkeling using the combined techniques of sampling belt transects (50m x 1m) and quadrats (1m x1m). The species of greatest abundance in both periods were almost the same: Ulva lactuca, U. fasciata, U. intestinalis, Caulerpa sertularioides, C. filiformis; C.prolifera; C.racemosa, and C. lentillifera; being found in smaller quantities: Pterocladia capillaceous, Hypnea musciformis, H. pannosa, H. cervicornis, Sargassum Muticum, S. vulgare, S. ilicifolium, Padin Pavoni, P. tetrastromatica, Dictyota dichotoma, Gracilaria warts and G. Salicornia. The two species were only found in Glacilaria period of drought and the species S. ilicifolium was found during the rainy season. About 80% of macroalgal distribution in reef studied is composed of individuals belonging to the phylum Chlorophyta, 12% are representatives of the phylum Phaeophyta and 8% are belonging to the phylum Rodhophyta. These percentages are very close to the values presented in two urban beaches in the Metropolitan Region of Recife and a beach on the northern coast of the state of Pernambuco, where areas have been intensified the processes of human occupation and exploitation, and increasing industrialization. The predominance of species of Chlorophyta may represent a greater tolerance to the flora of the pollutants.

  • Assessment of The Use of ICT By Distance Learning Students in The University of Ibadan, Nigeria

    This paper reviews the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by students of Distance Learning Centre, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. There is no doubt that ICT is playing a vital role in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in terms of enhancing the provision of immediate assistant to the learners for their academic and administrative needs in large scale. It has been established that services cannot be performed in distance learning centres using traditional institutional system all alone. Therefore, ICT tools application has been incorporated to meeting the requirements of learners at various phases of learning cycle viz the admission phase and other services. The heterogeneous requirements in open distance learning has culminated into issues and challenges needed to be addressed in usage of the technologies and the service(s) being provided through ICT. Survey research design with the aid of questionnaire was employed to elicit response from the respondents. Simple random sampling technique was used to select the sample size of this work. The effectiveness, stimulating factors, issues and challenges confronting ICT usage, purpose as well as other challenges encountered by staff and students of University of Ibadan DLC were emphasised. Recommendations were made based on the findings.

  • Systematization of Nursing Assistance (SAE) in the Care of the Victim Patient of Spinal Cord Injury in the Light of Orems Theory of Self-Care

    Objectives: To report the experience of nursing students in assistance based on the Systematization of Nursing Care (SAE), founded by Self-care theory of Dorothea Orem, directed the patient victims of Trauma Spinal Cord (TRM). Methodology: study of the type of experience report. The experience occurred during the practical class of the discipline of Adult Health II given in an emergency hospital, located in Arapiraca-AL. During the care, anamnesis and physical examination, diagnosis, planning, implementation and nursing evaluation were performed. Results: some of the nursing diagnoses were anxiety, attitude towards positive care, impaired physical mobility, self-care deficit for bathing and hygiene, among others. Regarding the nursing interventions, some of them were to accompany the patient, administer medications, monitor respiratory condition, assess musculoskeletal condition, evaluate neurological condition, assist in mobility, among others. From this, the expected results were defined as presenting gas exchange with normalization of CO2 and O2 standards, improvement of respiratory pattern, passive physical mobility, anxiety relief, among others. Final considerations: It was noted that the patient with TSC benefits from developing an individual and targeted care plan. The implementation of the SAE ensures the role of nurses in the care and ensures a practice based on scientific evidence and nursing theories. The performance of academics in the hospital care service promotes the gain of experience and, thus, allows a better performance as a nurse practitioner.

  • Oncology Care Project with Inter and Multiprofessional Approach: Actions to Minimize Collateral Effects and Suffering, Caused By the Treatment of Chemotherapy

    Objective: To report multi and interprofessional experience during extension actions aimed at minimizing the side effects and suffering caused by the treat-ment of chemotherapy. Methods: This is a descriptive study of the type of expe-rience report of the university extension project that focuses on the use of light technologies to cope with routine situations of care practice in an oncology sec-tor. Results: The side effects caused by antineoplastic drugs are part of the day-to-day treatment of cancer patients. Some side effects were listed with patients, such as dry mouth, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, alopecia, constipation and mouth with metallic or bitter taste from the antineoplastic. Through ingestion of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, greens and cereals properly listed these unwanted effects can be minimized. Other actions such as music therapy help to alleviate suffering because it causes happiness and satisfaction. Conclu-sion: Health education is an important strategy to share knowledge, especially in the area of relieving suffering through complementary guidelines and thera-pies. Music is a therapeutic and playful instrument and influences the emotions and well-being of individuals. In addition, the actions of the Oncology Care pro-ject strengthen us as a human being and professional in formation.

  • Chronic Pain in Patients With HIV / AIDS: a Literature Review

    Introduction: In the current context of health in Brazil, pain has been one of the main reasons for care in patients with HIV by health professionals. Objective: To investigate the topics covered in online journals about factors related to pain in patients affected by HIV / AIDS. Methodology: Review of the literature in October 2018 in the Regional Portal of the Virtual Health Library (VHL), using as descriptors “HIV”, “CHRONIC PAIN”, “DISEASE” and using as temporal cutback the last ten years. Results: The study sample consisted of 8 original articles, divided into three thematic categories: “Pain management”, “Pharmacological treatment” and “Consequences of pain”. Con-clusion: It is important that the multiprofessional health team is attentive and committed to iden-tify the factors related to chronic pain in PLHIV, since this way they can provide assistance aim-ing at the well being and comfort of the patient.

  • Evaluation of the antioxidant activity of extracts obtained from the seaweed Caulerpa taxifolia

    This study aimed to evaluate the antioxidant activity of the extracts of marine seaweed Caulerpa taxifolia by two methods of study of antioxidant activity. The antioxidant activity of the extracts hidroalcolico, methanol and hidroalcolico was evaluated according to Mitsuda (1967). The ability of the extracts to kidnap hydrogen peroxide was determined by Ruch method (1989). The analysis carried out by reading the samples in octoplicata in spectrophotometer, it was possible to calculate the antioxidant and scavenging activities of the extracts hydrogen peroxide. The antioxidant activity presented by the three extracts from C. taxifolia by the ferric thiocyanate method varied each other, showing the methanol extract greater activity than the alcohol and aqueous extracts hydro, may be due to the presence of secondary metabolites like terpenoids. The kidnapper power of hydrogen peroxide of Caulerpa taxifolia strata known significant values when compared to the reference drug.


    Breast cancer is Among many mechanisms, stimulation of angiogenesis leads to increased secretion of vaso-inducing factors and decreased inhibitors. The present study evaluated the interference of Caulerpa taxifolia hydroalcoholic (EHA – 50 μg / mL) and methanolic (EM – 50 μg / mL) extracts in energy metabolism and Angiogenesis of embryos of Gallus gallus domestic L. Rhode Island Red Eggs Red of four lots, were incubated at 37º C, with automatic turning, for the study of energy metabolism and angiogenesis. The groups were distributed and divided into control groups, treated EHA (50 μg / mL) and ME (50 μg / mL), and control enriched with ω-3, with and without tumor. In the 288 hour stage, development was halted. The vessels were quantified and characterized morphologically and the embryos photographed, fixed and processed. The results of energetic metabolism indicated that there was no significant difference between control and normal treated groups, however, animals with EHA and ME induced tumors and those with ω-3 enriched presented a significant response when compared to control (p≤0.05). It was observed that the physical properties and the structural integrity of the bark of the control animals showed formation abnormalities: rough, rough and soft bark. Morphometric parameters were not significant between groups (p≤0.05). In relation to vasculogenesis and angiogenesis there was a significant reduction between normal and tumorous groups. The vessels showed a slight reduction of the caliber when compared to the control group (p≤0.05). The microscopic appearance of the amniotic membrane of the organisms treated with EHA and ME from the normal and tumor groups maintained the morphology preserved throughout the treatment. Cardiovascular tissue from tumor-containing embryos had bleeding points and a congestion in the lumen of the vessel, perhaps due to the presence of malignant cells. Microscopy of the medulla was preserved. In the control…


    Cancer is a disease characterized by the multiplication and spread out of control in the form of anomalous cells. A normal cell becomes cancerous cells as a result of one or more mutations of DNA. Marine algae are a rich source of bioactive compounds, some of which are precursors of pharmacological tools and potentially useful substances for the development of new drugs. The present study aims to evaluate the antitumor activity of Caulerpa taxifolia front of Sarcoma 180 in albino mice (Mus musculus). The transplanted animals with sarcoma 180 (n = 24), were divided into four groups (n = 6) treated with two extracts: the MeOH extract (T1) and from hydroalcoholic C. taxifolia (T2) at a dose of 50 mg/kg ip. The control group (S1) received saline for the same route of administration. The default group (S2) received the reference drug to the tumor lineage. The data revealed that the S3 and S4 group responded to treatment with reduction of 63.6 and 42, 0 % respectively, as compared to EN/PA, when compared with the control group. The activities of extracts were higher than those of the reference drug for the Sarcoma 180.

  • Alzheimer´s Disease and Age-related Macular Degeneration could simultaneously be treated or prevented with a single therapeutic intervention

    Alzheimer ´s diseases becomes the most common type of dementia in the world. There is more of 5.4 million AD patients in America, more than 6 million patients in China, and 35.6 million patients worldwide. AD and other dementias worldwide will increase to 67.5 million by 2030 and 115.4 million by 2050. In the aging population, two of the most common neurodegenerative diseases, AD and AMD, could simultaneously treated or prevented with single therapeutic intervention.

  • Depression and suicidal ideation in institutionalized elderly in Recife

    This study aimed to analyze the disorders of depression and suicidal ideation in a population of institutionalized elderly in the city of Recife – PE. To measure the phenomena under study two standardized scales were adopted, the BECK SCALE FOR Suicide Ideation (BSI) and the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS / GDS). The collected data were entered into a database, and statistical procedures performed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 13.0 for Windows. After analysis of the data was possible to show that with the EDG, 48% of the interviewed elderly population is with some degree of depression. It was observed higher scores on the BSI scale for women. Among the elderly depression affects more the age less than 80 years, suicidal ideation was little evident in the population studied, being more related to female.