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  • Phytostabilzation as a sustainable phytoremediation strategy for lead contaminated soil – Screening of biofuel plants for lead tolerance and accumulation

    The contamination of soil by lead has one of the major environmental problems globally. In present study, the experiment was carried out for lead contaminated soil with four plant species i.e., A. esculentus, A. sativa, G. abyssinica and G. max that were subjected to six lead concentrations i.e., 100, 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 mg Pb kg-1 soil. Soil without spiked were taken as control and investigated for lead phytotoxicity, tolerance and accumulation. After 12 weeks of experiment, lead toxicity on growth and biochemi-cal parameters were determined. For four plant species, seed germination and most of the growth parameters were significantly (p

  • Treatment & Reclamation Of Train And Track Wash Water At Trivandrum Railway Station

    Trivandrum central railway station is one of the biggest customers of Kerala water au-thority. The water consumption of railway station is about 50 ML/ month. A major por-tion of the water consumed is utilized for washing trains and tracks. Therefore, about 0.8 MLD of waste water is produced as train and track wash water in the Trivandrum cen-tral railway station. This waste water is discharged into public sewage line without any treatment. If this waste water can be reclaimed it can be reused for washing trains, tracks and platforms. In this study, the waste water samples at Trivandrum railway station were taken from three sources (Bio toilet effluent, fresh train wash water, sewage line waste water) and examined for the water quality parameters. The initial water quality parameters of the sample inferred that this waste water is treatable and reclaimable. For that a lab scale model of treatment unit was set up. After the treatment, the maximum BOD reduction was 94%, COD reduction 82.5%, Total solids reduction 98% and oil& grease reduction 99% was reported. The final effluent quality parameters satisfied KSPCB limits. The maximum quantity of waste water produced was found as 0.8 MLD from the data. By treating 8L of waste water in the lab scale model, a good quality effluent of 2.5L was obtained. By implementing a WWTP in the Trivandrum railway station 0.25 MLD of water can thus be reclaimed.

  • Aridity Impact on the yield and the composition of argan oil (Argania spinosa (L. Skeels))

    In this study, we investigated the effect of environmental conditions on the composition in fatty acid and the yield of argan oil of seeds from seven locations following an increase of aridity gradient; Essaouira, Tamanar, Imouzzer, Admine, Ait Baha, Merght and Bouizakarne. Indeed, the analysis of the composition of argan oil showed that the saturated fatty acids varied in the same way in the fruits of the studied plants. Therefore, oleic acid increased with altitude and linoleic acid decreased with aridity. Moreover, no significant differences were found on oil yield of the studied areas. Furthermore, we compared the antioxidant activity of alimentary and cosmetic oil. The results showed that alimentary oil had the highest antioxidant capacity compared to cosmetic oil.

  • Studies on the comparison of antibacterial and catalytic activity of molybdenum Nanoparticle synthesized by chemical and biological method

    Nanobiotechnology holds a great potential in various fields of life sciences. Nanotechnology involves the use of materials with components that have dimensions less than 100nm. The demand for biosynthesized nanoparticles increased day by day due to its ecofriendly and compatibility when compare to chemical method of synthesis. Application of nano-sized materials is an emerging area of nanotechnology. Molybdenum (Mo) nanoparticle was synthesized using fast, convenient, eco-friendly biological method from the aqueous extract of plumbago zeylanica. The same was synthesized using sol-gel method also. The nanoparticles synthesized by both the methods were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), ultra violet spectroscopy (UV), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and x-ray diffraction spectroscopy (XRD) studies. Molybdenum nanoparticles were found to be inhibiting the growth of bacteria and also act as effective catalyst.


    This study explores two important moments in Bolívar’s image and cultural history: first, president Warren G. Harding’s speech during the ceremony of the unveiling of the equestrian statue of the Latin American Liberator, Simón Bolívar, in the city of New York in April 19, 1921, narrating the facts behind the story of the monument created by the American artist, Mrs. Sally James Farnham. Furthermore, this investigation includes original photographs that were taken during the ceremony and that were disseminated by the Addresses Delivered on the Occasion of the Unveiling of the Statue of the Liberator Simón Bolívar Presented to the City of New York by the Government of Venezuela; The American Magazine of Art, and The Colombian Review. Second, this investigation analyzes the unveiling of the statue of the Latin-American Liberator, Simón Bolívar in 1948 in the city of Bolívar in the State of Missouri, including information from the speeches given by the president of the United States of America, Harry Truman, and the Venezuelan president, Rómulo Gallegos. This study also includes a set of eight original photographs that were taken and disseminated during both ceremonies in New York City and in the city of Bolívar in the State of Missouri.

  • Metallurgical Perspective of AISI 301LN (EN 1.4318) Grade Austenitic Stainless Steel for Future Transport Applications

    Recently AISI 301LN grade austenitic stainless steel shows potential applications in manufacturing metro coach, oil tankers, bus body structures and wheels etc. Extensive strain induced martensite (SIM) formation property at crack tip of this steel helps toreduce frequent failure of this material. Formation of hard phase ‘SIM’ at crack tip delay crack propagation during fracture. In this way this type of steel promotes to make safe structural components. To fulfill European commission target before the year 2030, several attempts are going to enhance the mechanical performance of this particular steel by applyingadvanced thermomechanical treatments.In this regard only cold rolling and annealing treatments were used extensively in pastto make nano/ultra-fine grain structure, so that better structural properties can be achieved. It was found that, best mechanical properties (830 MPa Y.S., 953 MPa U.T.S., 36% elongation) were achieved after 80% cold rolling of this steel at ice-water mixture and annealing at 7000C for 20 minutes due to formation of ultra-fine grain (~0.74µm) structure. So in this review article all its thermomechanical properties are explored to find a scope towards further enhancement of its mechanical properties by advanced thermomechanicaltreatment to make safe body white structure of a vehicle.


    Rupture of incisional hernia, with consequent emergency laparotomy and repair, is an uncommon complication of pregnancy. The risk to the mother and baby is enormous. We present an un-booked 29 year old G4P2+1 (1- alive) with one previous caesarean section at 29 weeks of gestation. She had a huge anterior abdominal wall incisional hernia with gravid uterus as content. She was admitted on conservative management on account of abdominal pain and preterm contractions, but subsequently developed spontaneous rupture from an ulcer with bowel evisceration. She had emergency laparotomy and repair but unfortunately had unavoidable bowels injury as they were morbidly adherent to the anterior abdominal wall with injury necessitating resection and re-anastomosis with caesarean section. The neonate suffered early neonatal death. The presence of ulceration may be a predictor of adverse maternal and foetal outcome

  • The Wellbeing of the Heterogeneous Older Persons: The Analysis of ‘Going in Style’ Gereontological Comedy Film and Real-life Malaysian Elderly

    While ageing has become a global phenomenon and received prominent attention due to the rapid increase in the older population, including Malaysia; There has also been an increase in comedy films focusing on old people. Therefore, this study aims to analyse how older persons represented in a gerontological comedy film ‘Going in Style’. This study also aims to relate how older persons represented in this comedy film with real-life situations of Malaysian older people. In meeting these aims, a qualitative research approach through thematic analysis has been adopted. The findings of this study shows how the older person represented in ‘Going in Style’ is similar to real-life situations experienced by some of Malaysian older people. The comedy highlights that ageing is not a single dimensional concept concentrated on physical aspects but is multidimensional, consisting of social,psychological, spiritual and economic and environmental aspects.

  • Resilience and Quality of Life Among People Serving Prison Sentences in Penitentiary Institutions: The Mediating Role of Social Support

    The aim of this study was to explore the associations between resilience and quality of life and the possible mediating influence of social support. As dependent variables, we tested QoL global score and its specific components: psychosocial, psychophysical, subjective, and metaphysical. In addition, we tested global social support and its aspects—psychosocial, psychophysical, subjective, and metaphysical—as mediators. The models we constructed are acceptable and each of the predictors is significant. The study confirmed the mediating effect of social support on QoL in prisoners.

  • Social class control and domination in America: A critical revisitation of the Great Depression as lived by Americans, through the novel The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck

    One of the crucial events that have marked the world in general and the United States of America in particular in the early twentieth century, has been the Great depression ; it was a great economic crisis faced by the America, the already most powerful nation of the world. And if America was a victim, it clearly no doubt that the Great Depression was an international concern. In America, even though all social classes of people have suffered this economic crisis, the main victims have been the lower class, the one composed of employees and farm workers who have been exploited and despised by those wealthy people, bankers and employers, with government being passive. This has turned many into permanent migrants in search of better living. Such a situation could not go without drawing the attention of many writers, and the novel, The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck is set in that context. Steinbeck has then sought to expose and condemn both the American’s upper social class disastrous policy and attitudes toward the working class, and the American government’s siding with the rich to worsen the great majority of people bad condition. In the novel, Steinbeck’s protagonists have first been deprived from the land they were born to live on, and have been obliged to migrate just to face an increasingly worse situation that will turn them from peaceful peasants into defensive murderers.