Humanized Assistance To The Patient With Hanseniasis: Implications For Nursing

Humanized Assistance To The Patient With Hanseniasis: Implications For Nursing

Nascimento, A.S.S¹; Silva, E.P¹; Silva, D.P¹; Coelho, A.F¹; Vieira, P.D.S².

1Student of the Bachelor of Nursing Course, UNIFG; 2Teacher of the School of Health, UNIFG


Introduction: Leprosy is a chronic, neglected and stigmatizing infection of compulsory notification. Caused by Mycobacterium leprae that affects the peripheral nerves and organs in the severe form of the disease, its transmission occurs by upper airway but can be cutaneous. The symptoms are white or reddish spots with no local sensitivity. It is incapacitating, due to the sequelae in the upper and lower limbs besides it suffers prejudice from society in general. In this perspective it is important to understand the role of nurses in the care of leprosy patients. Methodology: The present study consists of an integrative review of literature, in the databases SCIELO, CAPES, BIREME, LILACS and REPOSITORIES, between the years of 2000 to 2016. Objective: To ascertain the nurse’s assistance to the leprosy patient and analyze how the National Program Of Humanization (PNH) backs you. Results and Discussion: According to the PNH humanize the assistance to the leprosy holder means: it acts from clinical, ethical and political guidelines, which translate into certain working arrangements. Nurses’ attribution Understand the leprosy patient as a biopsychosocial being, with his individuality and subjectivity, treating him with attention and deference. Within a humanistic view it is the duty of nurses to perform interventions in the care process, using techniques and care when attending the patient, but the challenge proposed by the HNP is to welcome this patient to listen to him, share the moments, learn from the situation, be Coherent, smiling, make the consultation harmonious, not label, and responds promptly. Conclusion: The use of HNP guidelines by the nurse is of paramount importance in welcoming and fostering patients’ understanding of the disease, reducing cases of treatment abandonment, improving patient health and reducing social stigmas.

Keywords:  Humaniza; Leprosy; SUS; Reception

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Nascimento, A.S.S; Silva, E.P; Silva, D.P; Coelho, A.F; Vieira, P.D.S.Humanized Assistance To The Patient With Hanseniasis: Implications For Nursing.Journal of eSciences, 2018, 1:4. DOI: 10.28933/esciences-2018-06-1804

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