Design and Research of a Multi-functional Robot Arm for Automatically Grabbing Fans

Design and Research of a Multi-functional Robot Arm for Automatically Grabbing Fans

Yiqian Gao, Peijun Jiang, Ao Luo

School of Electrical and New Energy, China Three Gorges University 43002, China


This program solves the problems of manpower demand and low efficiency in the manufacturing process of ready-to-eat fan blocks by designing the three processes of ready-to-eat fan blocks, namely, grasping, weighing and forming problems.
First of all, for the fans’ crawling problem, this product will be designed and solved from two aspects: 1. Visual recognition: In this design scheme, the visual recognition uses OpenMV3 system, and the OV7725 model camera is used first. The free integrated development environment (IDE) is used to debug the program. The SIFT algorithm is used to achieve visual target positioning and accurately identify the position of the fans to facilitate the grasping of the robot arm. 2. Path control of the manipulator: Through the RBF neural network algorithm, a large amount of training is performed on the manipulator, and the robot arm path is automatically controlled to realize the process of grabbing the fan and putting it into the fixed container.
Secondly, in response to the weighing problem of fans, this product will incorporate a gravity sensor to realize the gravity sensing of the robot arm to capture fans, and convert the quality of the fans into digital signals for system processing and analysis. The use of constant temperature town empty warehouse not only ensures the quality and safety of fans, but also maintains the precision of each weighing quality.
Finally, the robotic claws of the robot arm are used to control the rotation of the robot by multiple bionic control.

Keywords: Fan grabbing; Weighing and Forming; RBF neural network algorithm

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Yiqian Gao, Peijun Jiang, Ao Luo. Design and Research of a Multi-fu-nctional Robot Arm for Automaticall-y Grabbing Fans.Journal of eSciences, 2019, 2:6. DOI: 10.28933/esciences-2019-06-1805


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