Pharmaceutical care in the palliative care of the oncological patient

Torres, G.S.S¹, Xavier, A.C.C¹, Silva, A.C.M¹, Oliveira, E.F.S¹, Silva, G.K.A¹, Cordeiro, R.P²

¹Pharmacy students of the Academic Center Tabosa de Almeida – Asces-Unita, Caruaru-PE, ²University Professor of the Academic Center Tabosa de Almeida – Asces-Unita, Caruaru-PE.

Introduction: The oncology has been developing rapidly and the pharmacist’s main challenge is to be up-to-date with new studies about the subject. Palliative care is involved in the protection and responsibility for the patient’s well-being. This area requires a multidisciplinary team that cares for patients suffering from serious diseases, even if there is a possibility of cure. The purpose of pharmaceutical care is to analyze prescriptions, check drug interactions, dosages and side effects. Objetive: To identify the importance of the pharmacist in the palliative care of cancer patients. Methodology: Review of published researches from 2010 to 2017 in the Google Scholar, Scielo and Bireme databases, using the descriptors pharmaceutical care and Palliative Care. Results and Discussion: The pharmacist can intervene in therapy to reduce symptoms, as often the medications may be responsible for some of these symptoms. It can also check if the therapy can be well tolerated if it is being uncomfortable for the patient to receive a particular drug or suggest to the doctor in charge to replace a drug of unpleasant taste, for example. Pharmaceutical care in palliative care is focused on informing the health team about the availability of medicines, regarding pharmacotechnical possibilities and legal aspects, as well as patients and their families, about the correct use and storage of medicines. Conclusion: The presence of the pharmacist in palliative care is extremely important both in the patient’s medical treatment and in ensuring the necessary comfort to the patient and the promotion of health in general.

Keywords: Pharmaceutical care; Oncology; Palliative care

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Torres, G.S.S, Xavier, A.C.C, Silva, A.C.M, Oliveira, E.F.S, Silva, G.K.A, Cordeiro, R.P. Pharmaceutical care in the palliative care of the oncological patient.Global Journal of Anesthesia and Clinical Research, 2018, 1:1. DOI: 10.28933/gjacr-2018-05-2801

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