Artificial Neural Network Approach to Football Score Prediction

Artificial Neural Network Approach to Football Score Prediction

Balogun O. 1, Ogunseye, A. A2

1College of Information and Communication Technology, Bells University of Technology, Otta, Nigeria; 2Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Global Journal of Artificial Intelligence

Sport betting companies and participants can maximize their profit in the sports betting business if they are able to accurately predict the outcome of football matches. This work seeks to develop such a football match prediction system with Manchester United football club as a case study. The developed system is based on an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model. Scores from previous matches played by Manchester United were used to train and validate the network. The system has prediction accuracies of 73.72% and 113.5% for goals scored by, and against Manchester United respectively. The performance of the model is reasonably good but it can be improved by training the model with more football scores.

Keywords: ANN, prediction, Football, Betting, Manchester United

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Balogun O., Ogunseye, A. A.Artificial Neural Network Approach to Football Score Prediction.Global Journal of Artificial Intelligence, 2019; 1:1.


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