Understanding the Literature Review

Understanding the Literature Review

Omotosho Olawale, Oluwatobi Balogun* and Oyebode Aduragbemi

Department of Computer Science Babcock University, Nigeria

Global Journal of Artificial Intelligence

Research has over time played a pivotal role in mankind’s quest for knowledge and technological advancement. In all spheres of human existence, research and its further application have over time been able to show the obvious, and yet sometimes hidden unity of science and the philosophical and sociological settings in which everything operates. Essentially, research has helped man to explore once thought of as bizarre phenomena and afforded man the opportunity to draw a fine line between opinions and facts towards gaining maximum benefits from the research’s orientation (Williams, 2007). Too frequently, research is viewed as a formalized process of applying a rigid sequence of steps to the solution to a problem but in actual fact, research in itself entails flexibility in order to maximize scientific methods. This paper explains the concept of literature review in research and how a literature review is done in other to enhance the quality of the research work produced.

Keywords: Understanding the Literature Review

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Omotosho Olawale, Oluwatobi Balogun and Oyebode Aduragbemi. Understanding the Literature Review. Global Journal of Artificial Intelligence, 2019; 1:3.


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