Hybrid Voltage Multiplier for RF Energy Harvesting Circuits

Hybrid Voltage Multiplier for RF Energy Harvesting Circuits

Fredrick Isingo, Prosper Mafole, Abdi T Abdalla

Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering, Collage of Information & Communication Technologies, University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Global Journal of Energy and Environment

Paper describes the design of an improved voltage multiplier for Radio Frequency (RF) energy harvesting circuits using a generic doubler circuit and the Dickson’s charge pump, all these utilize the BAT63-02V Schottky diode. The design is based on using four narrow band antennas operating at 800MHz, 1800MHz 2100MHz and 2400MHz, the designs and simulations are performed by Keysight’s ADS 2019 simulation software, the outputs observed show improved voltage levels that can be used to operate ultra-low powered devices such as sensor nodes and remotes.

Keywords: RF energy harvesting, Schottky Diode, Voltage multipliers.

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Fredrick Isingo, Prosper Mafole, Abdi T Abdalla. Hybrid Voltage Multiplier for RF Energy Harvesting Circuits. Global Journal of Energy and Environment, 2020,2:14.


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