Homeopthy and Prostate Disordres

Homeopthy and Prostate Disordres

Balaji Deekshitulu P V

Homeopathy Doctor and Psychologist, Sri Balaji Homeo Clinic, Tirupati, A.P, India.

The review article explains that the BPH is associated with hormones that regulate prostate growth, such as testosterone, estrogen, and dihydrotestesterone etc… Benign prostate hypertrophy is an enlargement of the prostate gland that constricts the urethra, causing urinary symptoms and cancer etc… problems are attacked commonly men above the age of 50 years and its incidence approaches 75-80% in men above 80 years. It is one of the frequent reasons for elderly men undergoing surgery. BPH symptoms range from least voiding difficulties to urinary retention and renal failure. Homeopathy drugs are best for defiantly curing all Prostate problems

Keywords: Prostate problems and Homeopathy

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Balaji Deekshitulu P V. Homeopthy and Prostate Disordres.Global Journal of Men’s Health, 2019, 2:7

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