Application of comprehensive evaluation method based on combination weight in valve workshop layout

Application of comprehensive evaluation method based on combination weight in valve workshop layout

Shifeng Lu1*, Ji Zeng1, Zhuyun Shao1, Bowen Jin1

1Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai 201306, China.

The evaluation index system and evaluation method for the reliability of current workshop facility layout have not yet formed the standard. Taking the facility layout plan of valve production workshop as the research object, 9 evaluation indexes were put forward from four aspects of working environment, layout cost, production flexibility and management convenience, and a comprehensive evaluation system of valve production workshop layout was established. The AHP- entropy weight method was used to calculate the index weight. Based on the survey data and experts’ opinions, the evaluation model is used for analysis and evaluation. The evaluation results of the facility layout plan of valve production workshop are consistent with the reality. The results show that the weight method of this model not only considers the objective opinions of workshop personnel, but also uses the knowledge and experience of experts, which makes the workshop facility layout evaluation more objective and accurate, and provides reference for the standards of workshop facility layout evaluation.

Keywords: Combination weight; Valve; Production workshop layout; AHP- entropy weight method; Comprehensive evaluation

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Shifeng Lu, Ji Zeng, Zhuyun Shao, Bowen Jin. Application of comprehensive evaluation method based on combination weight in valve workshop layout. Global Journal of Marine Engineering and Sciences, 2020;1:6. DOI: 10.28933/gjmes-2020-08-0105


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