The gender independent breast cancer mans health

The gender independent breast cancer – man’s health

Bernardino, l.C.O¹; Silva, J.F.S¹; Silva, V.M¹; Araújo, R.O.M2

¹Student of the Biomedicine Course, UNINASSAU Faculty Caruaru;²Teacher of the Biomedicine Course,Faculty UNINASSAU – Caruaru

Introduction: Mamamasculin cancer is rare, affecting about 1% of cases, resulting from these also have breast tissue. Since breast cancer has a higher incidence in women, the development of this disease is unnoticed in men. This leads to a delayed diagnosis that results in the discovery of advanced or late stage male breast cancer. The conscientization of men to seek the mastologist as the perception of some change is essential, in order to abolish prejudice and male resistance. Objective: Describe health education strategies and disseminate knowledge of the topic addressed. Methodology: Narrative bibliographic review, using electronic databases: Scientific and Technical Literature of Latin America and the Caribbean (LILACS), Scientific Electronic Library Online (SCIELO) and Virtual Health Library (VHL) .Through the following keywords found in the Descriptors in Sciences (DeCS): breast cancer, male breast cancer. The original articles published in the last eight years were evaluated. Results and Discussion: Male breast cancer affects men from 60 to 70 years old, being rare before the age of 30. In Brazil, the southern states of the country, especially Rio Grande do Sul, this disease occurs in higher incidence. The male mammary gland, usually atrophied, with low production of female hormones, resembles females when cancer is present, such as: appearance of nodules in the region of the breasts and below the armpits, as well as secretion in the nipples. The etiology is unknown, being associated with genetic factors, environmental factors, hormonal factors and others. Understanding of the disease and self-care and self-examination awareness are instruments that have avoided mastectomy. Conclusion: Consult a mastologist immediately when presenting any lumps or changes in the chest area, as it is important to diagnose the cancer early for successful treatment.

Keywords:  Breast cancer. Men’s Health. Health education

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Bernardino, l.C.O; Silva, J.F.S; Silva, V.M¹; Araújo, R.O.M. The gender independent breast cancer – man’s health.Global Journal of Men’s Health, 2018, 1:3. DOI: 10.28933/gjmh-2018-05-2803

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