Multidisciplinary assistance to breast cancer the nursing and physiotherapys expertise

Souza Leão, B. M. L ¹; Câmara, N. S. ²; Figueirêdo, M. P. G. ³; Oliveira, D. A. L. 4International Journal of Aesthetic Medicine

¹Student of the Nursing Course; ²Student of the Nursing Course, ³Student of the Physiotherapy, 4Nursing Oncologist / Docent of the Undergraduate Nursing Course – ¹,²,³,4ASCES/UNITA

Introduction: The breast cancer is a multifactorial pathology, which strikes especially women, usually after 35 years old, considered a global health problem. In Brazil, it is the second cancer with the most incidence in the feminine population. It is responsible for the death of a great number of women in the country. The treatments for this neoplasm vary from mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy to hormonotherapy. Objectives: To clarify the nursing and physiotherapy assistance in the breast cancer treatment. Methodology: It is a literature review that uses the data from SciELO, LILACS. To select the articles there were used these inclusion criteria: Portuguese language, published between 2007 and 2017, with free access and being result of the use of keywords (DECS-BIREME): Breast Neoplasm, Nursing, Physiotherapy, being found seven articles. Results and Discussion: Regarding the psychological, physical and social repercussions that this disease causes to the patient’s life, it is evident that a bigger involvement of the health professionals is necessary. The aimed physiotherapy in treating patients previously affected by this neoplasia is the onco-functional one, acting before and after surgeries, which seeks to prevent, preserve and restore the kinetic-functional capacity of the patients; on the other hand, the nursing, will be involved during the whole therapeutic process in which the patient will undergo, the action measures ranging from first, second, third-level and postmortem, focusing on the educational and caregiving nature of the profession. The palliative cares that will be given from both professions require a holistic and humanized assistance, considering all the patient’s dimensions. Conclusion: Thus, the multiprofessional team reaches a multidisciplinary assistance that has a direct impact in the care of the patient, proving to be essential to the improvement of the care and treatment given.

Keywords: Breast neoplasms; Nursing; Physiotherapy

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Souza Leão, B. M. L; Câmara, N. S.; Figueirêdo, M. P. G.; Oliveira, D. A. L.Multidisciplinary assistance to breast cancer the nursing and physiotherapys expertise.International Journal of Aesthetic Medicine and Health, 2018, 1:2. DOI: 10.28933/ijamh-2018-05-1802

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