Histological structure of Azerbaijan buffalo Uterus

Histological structure of Azerbaijan buffalo Uterus

Hamid Karimi1, Negar Mahdavi2, Sahar Shadi3

1-Associate Professor of Veterinary Anatomy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tabriz
2-Veteriinary Histology MS Student, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tabriz
3- Veterinarian

International Journal of Animal ResearchAsian buffalo is economic animal for variant reasons in different regions of Iran. This animal either is important for reason of resistance against local disease or is important for reason of high production from low quality of food materials. Meanwhile, different and broad genetical, nutritional and structural studies are not performed on buffalo completely. Therefore this ruminant is unknown animal yet. Study of normal structure of genital system of this animal is very important for diagnosis of genital system disorders and enhancement calve and milk production. Melanocytes are a series cell which originated from skin basal layer cells. These cells are placing in skin basal layer and they are producing melanin pigment. 10 healthy buffalo uteruswere selected from Tabriz semiindusterial slaughterhouse. The selected uteruswere fixed by 10% formalin and then tissue sections were provided. Sections were stained by H&E method firstly and then by special staining method for melanocytes. This research results were showed which endometrium, preimetrium and myometrium can be observed in buffalo uterussimilar to other mammals. Because muscularis mucosa is not observed in tunica mucosa of buffalo uterus, lamina properia and tunica submucosa is united. Lamina properia and tunica submucosa is occupied by simple tubular and simple coild tubular gland. Also, based on this research results, many melanocytes is observed in Lamina properia and tunica submucosa of Azerbayjan buffalo. Existence melanocytes in buffalo uterusis not reported till this time. This report is the first report of this cell in this organ.

Keywords: Buffalo, Histology, Melanocyte, Uterus.

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Hamid Karimi et al., Histological structure of Azerbaijan buffalo Uterus. International Journal of Animal Research, 2017; 1:6. DOI:10.28933/ijar-2017-09-2501


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