The nurse’s importance in the aid to a congenital condition of cardiopathy

The nurse’s importance in the aid to a congenital condition of cardiopathy

Silva, L. B. H. ¹; Silva do O, A. ²; Silva, B. L. S. ³; Teixeira, C. L. B. 4; Medeiros, J. P. ⁵

1,2,3 e 4Estudantes do curso de Enfermagem – UFPE; 5 Professora Adjunto IV do Departamento de Histologia e Embriologia – UFPE.

International Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy

Introduction: Cardiopathy is a chronic disease that affects the heart structure, preventing or disturbing its healthy operation. The congenital status of this disease affects by consequence the fetus’ growth and maturation which in serious cases harms the child’s development. It is in this moment that the professional role of nursing is crucial by the constant aid, both to the patient and its family. Objective: Emphasizing the nurse’s importance in the aid to a congenital condition of cardiopathy. Methodology: A search was carried out in the SCIELLO virtual library and in the LILACS database, using the descriptors “Congenital Cardiopathy”, “Nursing”, “Children Affected by Heart Diseases”, “Risk Factors”. Were separated 25 articles dated between 2011 and 2016. With the complete text and in Portuguese language, totaling 8. After reading the articles, 5 studies provided the information of this summary. Results and Discussion: In context where the congenital cardiopathy highlights and causes issues since the child first years of life, the nurse comes as the principal aid parts to the family. This starts during the pregnancy by raising awareness of the the risk factors and it extends to the everyday care with the patient. Children that presents cardiovascular diseases exhibit a frequent need for nursing diagnostic. Besides the professional and flexible aid from all in this area, pediatrics count with this flexibility to interact and caring for patients. Conclusion: We can conclude that the professional nurse figure is of the utmost importance for the follow-up of congenital cardiopathy. The nurse must exercise his/her knowledge to aid in the patient’s care process, in addition to support their family. The professional care must be started in the antenatal support, following the child’s life until the disease is stable.

Keywords:  Congenital Cardiopathy; Nursing; Children Affected by Heart Diseases; Risk Factors.

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Silva, L. B. H.; Silva do O, A.; Silva, B. L. S.; Teixeira, C. L. B.; Medeiros, J. P. The nurse’s importance in the aid to a congenital condition of cardiopathy.International Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy, 2018, 1:2. DOI: 10.28933/ijart-2018-06-1802

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