The Layer wise Security model in Internet of Things: A Novel Perspective

The Layer wise Security model in Internet of Things: A Novel Perspective

Feroz Khan A.B1, Dr.G.Anandharaj2, Dr. K. Arulanandam3, Dr.T. Balasubramanian4

Department of computer science1,2,3,4, Adhiparasakthi College of arts and science1,2, Govt. Thirumagal Mills College3 , Sri Vidya Mandir Arts & Science College4 , Vellore1,2,3, Krishnagiri4, Tamilnadu, India

IoT security is concerned with safeguarding the associated gadgets and systems in the Internet of things (IoT).The goal of this paper is that the conduct of various security related issues encompassing the internet of things and proposed countermeasure. In the next few years it is expecting that 50 billion of new devices are to be connected to the IoT. Hence the IoT network will face critical security risks because of this continuous growing network. In this work we plan on investigating some of these security issues as well as existing and proposed solutions for dealing with them. Also the various DDOS attacks are modeled in this work which gives the practical perspective of tasks that is implemented on the occurrence of the DDOS assault. The work proposed a new countermeasure called TBC (Threshold Based Countermeasure) for reply attack, which is considered as the most catastrophic attack. The result shows that the proposed mechanism TBC works well in the existence of reply attack with increased malicious node in the environment thereby by increasing the efficiency of energy and time delay.

Keywords:IoT, security attacks, preventive measures

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Feroz Khan A.B, G.Anandharaj, K. Arulanandam, T. Balasubramanian. The Layer wise Security model in Internet of Things: A Novel Perspective. International Journal of Communications and Networks, 2019, 2:11 (This article has been retracted from International Journal of Communications and Networks per the request of authors. Please do not use it for any purposes.)

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