A Rare Case of Pantoprazole Induced Anaphylactic Shock

A Rare Case of Pantoprazole Induced Anaphylactic Shock

Indranil Das, Dolly Yadav, Annu Yadav

Emergency Medicine Department, VPS ROCKLAND Hospital, IMT Manesar, Haryana

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INTRODUCTION: Pantoprazole,a drug from the proton pump inhibitors group (PPI), is widely used for gastroesophageal disease and peptic ulcer . PPI’s act on H+/K+-ATPase pump,the process needed for gastric acid secretion 1. Drug induced hypersensitivity is an immune mediated reaction. Drug hypersensitivity reactions are commonly encountered in clinical practice1.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of reporting this case is to show that anaphylaxis reaction may occur with tablet pantoprazole.

CASE SUMMARY: A 40 year old female reported to emergency department in hemodynamically unstable condition, with a history of loose stool, vomiting, spasmodic abdomen pain, redness all over the body after approximate 1 and half hour back after ingestion of tablet pantoprazole 40mg .

Keywords: Anaphylaxis, Shock, Pantoprazole

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Indranil Das, Dolly Yadav, Annu Yadav. A Rare Case of Pantoprazole Induced Anaphylactic Shock. International Journal of Case Reports, 2018 3:33.


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