Intraventricular Tuberculoma : Single Case Report from Tertiary Care Centre in Eastern India

Intraventricular Tuberculoma : Single Case Report from Tertiary Care Centre in Eastern India

Pan Koushik 1, Sen Barun Kumar2

1.Registrar,Dept.of neurology,Ramakrishna mission seva pratisthan,VIMS,kol-94
2.Asst.Professor, Dept.of neurology,Ramakrishna mission seva pratisthan,VIMS,kol-94

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Intraventricular tuberculomas as a manifestation of CNS tuberculosis is a rare finding.Suspicion for tuberculosis in these lesions is by the constitutional symptoms like low grade fever, weight loss, presence of tuberculosis elsewhere, contact with a TB patient, low socioeconomic status, occurrence in an endemic region, raised ESR, abnormal Chest X Ray findings, positive mantoux test. It is difficult to make a differential diagnosis from lesions if no systemic tuberculosis is present. Medical treatment is the preferred management method of this disease, and surgical intervention should be considered in certain situations. We report a case of an intraventricular tuberculoma in a 15- year-old girl and we discuss the pathogenesis and the radiological findings according this location.

Keywords: Intraventricular Tuberculoma, Case Report, Tertiary Care Centre, Eastern India

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Pan Koushik and Sen Barun Kumar. Intraventricular Tuberculoma : Single Case Report from Tertiary Care Centre in Eastern India. International Journal of Case Reports, 2018 3:40. DOI:10.28933/ijcr-2018-09-3001


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