ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) Induced Anemia: Case Series

ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) Induced Anemia: Case Series

Gundramy Reddy.Sravani1, M.Rameela1, Seetharam babu1, T.S.Durga Prasad2

1Department of Pharmacy Practice, Sri Padmavathi School of Pharmacy, Tiruchanoor, Tirupati;
2 Department of Pharmacy Practice, Sri Padmavathi School of Pharmacy, Tiruchanoor, Tirupati

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Anemia is a common finding in patients on Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTI’s) among which LAMIVUDINE induced anemia is uncommon whereas ZIDOVUDINE induced anemia is common. This is the first case series related to TLE (TENOFOVIR + LAMIVUDINE + EFAVIRENZ) regimen induced anemia. In case one, two and three Hb levels dropped within one year, 7 months, 6 months respectively. Anemia can be managed by intake of Iron, vitamin B12, Folate and nutritional supplements or with draw of medication based on severity.

Keywords: Anemia, Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTI’s), LAMIVUDINE, ZIDOVUDINE.

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Gundramy Reddy.Sravani, M.Rameel, Seetharam babu, T.S.Durga Prasad. ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) Induced Anemia: Case Series . International Journal of Case Reports, 2019 4:56.


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