Case Report on Port Site Sinus

Case Report on Port Site Sinus

SD Sandhya*, Joshua Jacinth*

Department of Pharm D, Cmr College of Pharmacy, Kandlakoya,Medchal, Hyderabad

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Port site infection (PSI) is an infection which is seen at port site after any laparoscopic surgery or at the site where any other medical devices are inserted into the body. It is one of the rare but preventable complications of successful laparoscopic surgeries due to improper sterilization of instruments. PSI is already known to be a rare complication but if it is occurring because of mycobacterium then it is considered to be the rarest. One of the commonest causative organisms is Staphylococcus and mycobacterial species also. Antibiotics are prescribed based on culture sensitivity reports. If mycobacterium is seen to be the cause, then second line anti-tubercular drugs (ATT drugs) like Macrolide (Clarithromycin), Quinolones (Ciprofloxacin), Tetracyclines (doxycycline) and aminoglycosides (amikacin and tobramycin) are prescribed. A case of male patient is reported who underwent laparoscopic surgery (TAPP) and developed pus discharge from supraumbilical port site. Sinus tract excision for port site infection was tried two times but every time recurrence was seen. Anti-tubercular drugs was started by patient after collecting excision biopsy reports showing Langerhans cells which are associated with TB and progress was seen in patient.


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