A Simplified Method for Fabrication of Interim Prosthesis for Maryland Bridge

A Simplified Method for Fabrication of Interim Prosthesis for Maryland Bridge

Prateek Mishra and Lakshita Singh

ESIC Dental College and Hospital, Rohini Sector 15, Delhi , India

American Journal of Geographical Research and Reviews

An edentulous space in the mandibular anterior region can produce a psychological impact on the young patient and is one of the most difficult esthetic challenges in dentistry. With the advent of resin cements , Maryland bridge are highly effective treatment option in these situations resulting in high levels of patient satisfaction. Provisional restorations are not much documented for Maryland bridge and needs its due consideration while treatment planning. This clinical report describes an efficient and simplified technique for provisionalisation of Maryland bridge.

Keywords: Maryland Bridge, Provisional Restoration, Interim prosthesis .

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Prateek Mishra,Lakshita Singh. A Simplified Method for Fabrication of Interim Prosthesis for Maryland Bridge. International Journal of Dental Research and Reviews, 2019, 2:13


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