A review on the performance of the proactive implant surface

A review on the performance of the proactive implant surface

Mazen A. Almasri

Associate professor of oral maxillofacial surgery, King Abdulaiz University, Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia

American Journal of Geographical Research and Reviews

Objective: to review the performance of the proactive hydrophilic implant system in the implantology practice.
Materials and methods: a thorough literature review took place by looking into pubmed and google scholar searching engines. A total number of 310 articles were found. The aim was to review the literature commenting on the clinical and microlevel performances. Hence, 21 articles were included to cover three major categories which are: in Microlevel (group A), clinical (group B), and performance with grafting materials (group C).
Results:  Group A; showed stable osseointegration indicating the efficacy of the hydrophilic proactive surface.  Group B; indicated favourable outcomes in managing cases of immediate implants with successful variable loading protocols.  Group C; showed favourable reactions with grafting and non-grafting groups.
Conclusion: It seems that the proactive implant surface is showing promising results with acceptable supporting literature so far.

Keywords: dental implant, surface, hydrophilic, proactive, Neoss

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